Oriental Adventures, Rokugan

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    The Woodlands of Valnahar was home to the Sur for thousands of years. The capital, Folhath, was established after the Sundering and after the First Orcish War. Sur have kept to the Woodlands to preserve it, building their homes around the sturdy trees. It was also home to the Veridian Fae who were unfortunately wiped out during Queen Malan's reign.

    The trees of these dense forests are known to be the tallest and sturdiest in the world. They stretch for miles through hills and even a modest mountain range that spans from the Southern border up North towards the Orcish Lands. Most of the Woodlands remained untouched in the First Era until the orcs invaded once again. The later years of the First Era gave the Woodlands its first scar within its vast treeline where eventually the orcs took over the land as the Sur were forced from their homes.

    During the Second Era, the Sur were eventually able to win back their homeland. Eversyth became overpopulated with elves as the three elven races were confined to the Naveri homeland. With the aid of their kin and the shift of orcish alliances, the Sur took back the Woodlands and rebuilt. New trees were planted in the unnatural clearings eventually creating a bizarre addition to the Woodlands. The newly planted trees eventually grew into striking trees with white, almost crystalline-like bark. When the wind blew through these trees, they would whistle instead of groan. These trees could not be cut down, at least not easily, and remained one of the few undamaged things within the Woodlands after the Umbramancers reigned.
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