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    Heeeelllllloooo everyone! Im sure im not the only one that has played the Secret World on this website! This roleplay is set in that universe, with my own personal twist!

    So the basic's of this roleplay is the three factions (The Illuminati, the Templars, and Dragon) are all tipped anonymously about a weapon that can help end the war against the darkness in the world. Of course each faction wants it for itself, so in the future can better help it for their own uses.

    Each Faction will be sending a 4 person team (Us) to obtain the weapon, and not only face each other but several types of creatures,m traps, and more!

    I hope to get four people for each faction, and if we can't manage that the extra spaces will be filled with NPC's. I will allow everyone to have a primary fire arm, a secondary firearm and your choice of magic or melee weapon.

    Anyone Interested?
  2. No assassins to hunt down the templars? :blah:
    This cannot be complete :P
  3. No its not! I was gonna include more, but I wasn't thinking of including Assassins....Its a great idea though!
  4. Awwww :(
    I can't think of Templars without automatically thinking of Assassins. Which brings me to a tangent:

    In Mexico, they recently legalized some vigilante groups fighting the drug cartels with the police and military. One of their biggest success stories has been in taking down the Knights Templar, so I of course attributed that to the Mexican Assassins doing their jobs XD
  5. Illuminati for the win!
  6. Ah, a Lumi - It's all about power, eh?

    I claim Dragon. There is nothing quite like chaos. :D

    Are you hoping for 12 people then?

    (Everyone should play TSW! It's one big RP!)
  7. Amen to that!
    I've only played the trial.
    Borrowed a friend's computer.
    Mine couldn't meet the system requirements.
    Best three days ever.
    Now, I just check out the website,
    beer in hand,
    and read about all I'm missing.
  8. Sorry for late reply everyone! Been busy, if y'all are still interested, I'm gonna get the OOC up!
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