Ordinis Sancti Percute: A True Accounting of World War 2

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  1. OPEN SIGNUPS - Ordinis Sancti Percute: A True Accounting of World War Two

    Most know that World War 2 began with the invasion of Poland in 1939 on September first. The history of World War 2 is in fact fairly well documented. The rise of Nazi aggression and power to their eventual fall. But this isn't the story of that well known tale. No, this is the true story.

    And it didn't begin in 1939, but in 1938, on the 22nd of December, the date of the Winter Solstice. In this time forces known by many names, including the Thule Society engaged forces deep in Poland, in a preliminary strike securing a number of artefacts, at their head the few survivors who hid and avoided detection reported the attack was fronted by werewolves and the dead with a Necromancer wearing Nazi regalia at their head.

    Numerous attacks of the sort happened across the breadth of Europe, strange stormtroopers lead by what had previously been believed were supernatural creatures.


    Within England and many other nations this caused a shift in an ancient covenant older than most nations and peoples. Representatives of the psuedo-government that simply called itself the Covenant of Peace came forth to allied nations. They explained millennium of concealing themselves from the world for fear of discovery and decimation at the hands of religious crusaders and their priests.

    It was something that was not received well and the allied nations, which joined in the entity now known as World War 2. Time forwards to 1940, June and a conference is announced in France between the leaders of the Covenant and the allied nations. A well hidden conference that was nonetheless discovered and, Paris fell. The entire invasion staged simply to conceal the murder of the Covenant's leadership and those leaders who were present.

    A grand deception by the Covenant to conceal the true meeting. Held in London itself.

    In the wake of the Covenant was formed the Ordinis Sancti Percute, the "Holy Strike Order" they were to be a team of specialists. Investigators, Magi, the 'otherkind' and the soldiers. Their purpose?

    To find, hunt and destroy the occultists of the enemy. Their undead, the otherkind who swore to their service, their magi and sorcerors. The secret war for world war 2.

    Little could they know how pivotal they were to it's outcome.

    It is now the 23rd of September 1940, the Autumnal Equinox. And word has reached the Ordinis Sancti Percute that the Nazi's are moving in secret on an artefact concealed in the Sphinx at Giza.

    The Egyptian Book of the Dead.
Thread Status:
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