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    With Queen Henrietta at the helm, it was deemed that all men, those looking to be and those currently stated with knighthoods would be thrown back into the slums and orifices of common society, as ladies made their way from zeroes and mothers to heroes and warriors.

    Of course, security around the castle and armies were exempt from this bizarre and rather damaging choice, but Knights would solely be female. There was no ifs or buts to it, every one is checked before they can even apply for knighthood. No man would enter the Knighthood Ward of the castle.

    It is now a very potent place to be, if you are a woman. With the training and education which comes free with signing up, there is a true sense of awe when a lady walks through the streets clad in her battle-dented armour. Opposing armies would look on in shock and fright, concluding that the Kingdom of Fract was one with no shame, and no guilt. Now with thousands of women as Knights, and armies full of both men and women, Fract would become the most powerful in the realm.

    Only, knighthood and armies weren't all that allowed power to be registered in the minds of those opposed to Fract. There were new openings, for scholars and architects, engineers, those who would otherwise be seen as blasphemous. These were the kinds of people Fract truly needed to become a kingdom of the future.

    Even so, the knighthood was very tempting, for a young lady such as yourself. Great pay, great skills to be learned for life, great fame to be had. For now, that is what you choose. Given your squire's possessions, you would immediately go into training. Your lithe form may not be the workings of proper lady knights, but there was always time and room for improvement.

    You are 15 right now. After a prologue series of posts, you will be 20, and the first war against the neighbouring Kingdom of Venivelz will be upon you and all the ladies of the order. Everything matters now, the people you befriend, the people you despise, and the people you fall for. As no men are allowed anywhere near the lady knights during training and other activities, it is ill advised to be a lady of the 'old ways'. Of course, the 'new ways' couldn't rear children, but there were enough 'old way' women to deal with that within common life and the army. You are a fighter, young and strong! But yes, straight characters are more than okay, though be prepared for some stupidly flawed flirting from not-so-straight characters, mainly the ones controlled by me. I do it because I love you.

    So, young lady squire, won't you rise up to become someone known?



    Now, we get to the fun stuff. Creation, genesis, whatever you may call it. It is here where your female legend is made.

    There will be no sexual scenes or things like that in the prologue. No no no. That may be saved for the later parts, but currently, big no-no. Teen romances are fine, kissing (You are inexperienced at 15 in this world, no exceptions.) is fine, hugging is fine. The focus will be on the training, the social aspects, and a few events which will rock the foundations of the girls and women at play.

    There will be three stats, which will vastly affect how the 'late game' of this roleplay will go, and will definitely influence the coming war. These aren't really necessary for the prologue, but, they are still required beforehand.
    These will be called 'potentials', which will involve physical, mental and spiritual potential that influences how the adult character looks (physical, as it refers to muscle tone, growth in height, things like that), learns (mental, the ease of which new things are learned, both physical and educated things), and their understanding of both magic and the world (spiritual, which can cause them to become either an empathetic (means they can sometimes feel the emotions of others and alter it to a decent degree) or an enchantress (allows them to bolster weapon durability, add fire/lightning effects to their weapon, or physically strengthen themselves)).
    You'll have 10 points to spend. The small table thing will be put into your character sheet at the bottom. Remember, you are 15 to begin with, so you aren't really that special. You're not royalty. You're not noble. You are, however, potentially amazing later on. All the choices now will truly influence how you are later, just as it is in real life.
    Maximising Physicality will mean they'll be muscular, but this adds to how well they can take a hit and how strong they really are, physically.
    Maximising Mentality will mean they're smart, and able to form cunning strategies to overcome foes, not necessarily needing overwhelming physical strength to do so.
    Maximising Spirituality will mean they can use small forms of magic which can tear through an enemy or put them off their game, without needing considerable physical and mental strength.

    In the prologue, I'll be introducing two trainers, a tutor, three squires and three fully fledged knights. You will come into contact with all of them, but, the three individual squires are optional, should you so choose. They're there because you're there too. You'll choose one of the knights as your inspiration, and they'll add one points to the physical, mental and spiritual stats which come into play later. If the stat is maxed, no change is made, but the knight will commend you on your faith and determination (depending on the stat and all, yes.).

    The prologue will play out as a roleplay, but there will be some definitive moments where you choose from a small list of reactions, at most four choices in each, which will influence the late game. Think of it as a multiple choice question in the middle of the roleplay, a set reaction to keep things in line and in check. Everything else, you see, is down to your imaginative reaction to any actions committed in the beginning and thereinafter.
    Everyone will be on the prologue post, so it is vital that we keep a posting order there. It'll get ugly without it. Delays are fine, but anything more than, say, 3 days, is gonna grind on some nerves. I'm patient to a point.

    Please put 'Mango, I read all of this', with the capitalisation and all, to let me known you've read this, at the end of your character sheet.



    Family Name|| (This is how you will be identified as. Family is important in this world. Your first name is hardly needed, but for roleplay purposes, just put it in your initial post and use it with posts to come. Calling someone by their first name is either out of affection and love, or hatred and malice, so remember to refer to your comrades and friends by their family name. Luckily, there are no siblings in this roleplay.)
    Age|| 15
    Sex|| Female
    Occupation|| Squire-in-Training
    Unique Qualities|| (1-4 things your character is truly known for. These aren't going to be substantial now, but they will influence how they grow and develop. You're not a sword master, assassin or some kind of mystic. You have room, in which to improve. Let's not be the best we can at the beginning.
    Please note: ONE of these must be related to a favourite weapon, be it a one handed sword, two handed sword, spear, mace, axe, bow or crossbow.)
    Personality|| (3-10 sentences on who your character is, what they're like in general, how they view the world, etc. Be as specific or broad as you wish.)
    Background|| (Honestly, a paragraph here will do, more is fine and acceptable. Just explain the family and growing up conditions, have things in here which back up the claims of Unique Qualities, and perhaps include a motivation or two which you can use to drive the character forward.
    You are not royal, you are not noble. You're far better than those. *wink*)

    Appearance|| (Can be a picture and little description, but lengthy descriptions with a picture to complement it is desired and recommended. Include height, presence (how they appear to others, how much they intimidate others, things like that) hair colour, eye colour and any physical ailments they may have, because come on, they were a kid and they may have broken a bone sometime. They can be without the last part, of course, but the rest is mandatory.
    Remember, this is a description, not a list of physical traits. Create the vision of your character, and hint at what they may look like and present themselves like in the future.
    Remember, you are 15 in this.)

    Motivation(s)|| (If you didn't include one in the Background, have one here. Trust me, these are really good for driving a character, and you can have more than one. This is more or less what they wish to achieve, the bigger picture, that kind of thing.)
    Desires|| (Similar to Motivation(s), but something of a more personal level. What does your character desire? For themselves or for their lover, friends, family? Be specific, but also note that this may change through the course of the prologue and the roleplay itself.)

    Points to spend: 10
    'Potential' Physicality: --/6
    'Potential' Mentality: --/6
    'Potential' Spirituality: --/3
  2. Please note!

    With the stats, you DON'T need to spend all 10 points!
  3. Family Name|| Grey

    Age|| 15

    Sex|| Female

    Occupation|| Squire-in-Training

    Unique Qualities|| Known to be very prominent with a polearm weapons, specifically the Lochaber Axe.
    Lochaber Axe (open)
    Tends to shrug off most injuries that are minor in nature. Good at thinking in the mind of her enemies such that she can predict what the enemy will do relatively well, but she's not perfect.

    Personality|| Grey is not one who messes around when it comes to a job. She takes most situations very seriously and is cold to most others. However, if one manages to somehow get close to her, she is very protective of them.

    Background|| Valentine Grey was born to a family of four 15 years ago. Her father was a Ditcher [One who digs ditches and moats] and her mother was a Bowyer [one who manufactures bows, arrows, and crossbows]. She had one elder sister who was already a squire by the time she was born, however, she died on the battlefield by the time Valentine was 6. The family did not live in poor conditions, but they were not very extravagant either. Living in a village where they had a slightly larger home. Despite how the family attempted to raise Valentine to be fun-loving and friendly. The loss of her sister made her dark and emotionless at times. Eventually the parents felt it was time to give up after so many years of attempting to change her and decided to let her be. Valentine then showed interest in becoming a Knight and parents were overjoyed that she actually wanted to do something other that sit around all day and immediately funded her venture.

    Appearance|| [​IMG] [Please ignore the comically oversized axe]
    She is about 5'11, relatively tall among some females. She can be very intimidating, her stare cold as ice. Her hair is raven black and ends just below her breasts, her eyes a stunning white iris. She has a scar running down the length of her left arm, wrapping around it in circular pattern until it reaches her wrist. [This is from an accident when she was training with her whip when she hit herself with the weapon and it wrapped around her arm.] She tends to wear her armor most of the time, but only wears her helmet in battle. Otherwise, she dresses in darkly colored gowns.

    Motivation(s)|| She wishes to avenge her dead sister. To make whomever killed her and any related to them suffer.

    Desires|| She wants to actually make friends. But her nature is not good for such things. Not only that, but romance is tugging at her heart, but not enough she would go to any great lengths for it.


    'Potential' Physicality: 3/6
    'Potential' Mentality: 5/6
    'Potential' Spirituality: 1/3
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  4. Family Name: Lucius
    Age: 15
    Sex: Female
    Occupation: Squire-in-Training
    Unique Qualities: Lucius is well-known for her great strength and her ability to use a long sword.
    Personality: Lucius is a rather mischievous young gal. A smirk never leaves her face. Due to this not many trusts her. She's been told that she was a traitor many times because of her facial expression. The girl is witty and has a sarcastic flare in her. Lucius is rather blunt and will properly tell you the truth despite the consequences. With that being said it has been said that she is never on one side. She's always on neutral grounds. Lucius is known to be a clingy girl. She stays close to those she is fond of.
    Background: The Lucius family has served and protect for a generations. Each generation manages to live to create another. The current generation lies within a young girl, Viridity Lucius. Her parents were strict but loving to her and her brother. The two siblings were trained once they were able to walk. It was simple training in the beginning. Despite being strict they did care for the children. Their parents never overworked them when they were little, however as they grew older they trained everyday. They are familiar with most weapons used in war, their hand-to-hand combat skills were pristine, and their physical and mental shape. Being the youngest she stayed behind with her mother and father as her brother, Johnathan left off to become a full-fledged soldier. Each day as Viridity trained the adrenaline built up inside her. She had the urge to fight, to enter in the battlefield, to kill a man or woman. When her time came she felt her blood boiling with passion within her.

    Appearance: Lucius stands at 5'8" Ft and weighs about 120 Lbs. Despite her petite appearance, behind the armor, underneath the undergarments reveals a well-toned body. Her crimson eyes are hereditary, all Lucius women bears eyes of the demon. Her crimson eyes are framed with dark thick long lashes. Her black hair has blue tint that falls to her waist. As you can see she is quite pale and burns easily at the touch of the suns ray.

    Motivation(s): Her family is known for being a knight or fought with the army. She must continue to carry out the family name and bring a progeny.
    Desires: Lucius isn't quite sure. She's rather indecisive when it comes to wanting something.

    Points to spend: 10
    'Potential' Physicality: 5/6
    'Potential' Mentality: 2/6
    'Potential' Spirituality: 3/3

    [Mango, I read all of this.]
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  5. Just a minor thing, Incandescent, there are no male knights, so the entry in Lucius's history will need to be changed. Males are allowed to be in the army, but not necessarily as knights. Other than that, everything seems rather good.

    Nocturne, Grey is all good.
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