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  1. So, here's what I'm thinking.
    The Orcs have a smallish continent pretty much to themselves. It's a fairly nice place, good climate, plenty of resources, that sort of thing. So Orcish society centers in the foothills of their mountain range, where they plant crops, raise sheep & goats, and mine the hills for iron & mithril. Great city-states they call Strongholds emerge, and culture flourishes. Then, suddenly, the Age of Elves dawns, and from across the sea come Elven ships, there to declare all land they discover property of the Empire of Silthador. Needless to say, this goes over poorly with the locals, who are well-armed and many in number, and so throw back the invaders with ease, and more or less forget about Elves for the next few hundred years.
    Meanwhile, in the flourishing empire, magic is what makes the world go round. No one is anyone until they've gone to an academy of magic, joined either the House of the Sun or the House of the Moon, and proven themselves a great mage. Through their tampering, climate change begins to affect the world, and a heat wave that will last generations hits both continents.
    To the Elves, this means warmer winters and longer summers, and general happiness. The Orcs, however, suddenly find that their summer rains are now falling in the winter as snow. This poses a fairly large problem, since their entire agricultural system relies pretty heavily on those summer rains. Their society disintegrates as stronghold fights stronghold, and in a few generations Orc society turns nomadic, as they wander the plains for food and only return home to winter over.
    Meanwhile, the Elven search for greater magical power gets them into trouble. A lot of trouble. With a portal opening to a demonic plane. The Empire collapses almost overnight, and many of the survivors pile onto ships, landing on the shores of the Orc's continent, again.
    Here the Elves are divided. The House of the Sun, hotheaded and brash, assert that with the Orcs having lost much of their metalworking and population, would be an easy conquest and they could re-establish their empire in this new land. The House of the Sun preaches moderation, though, and states that a war of conquest against the Orcs would do more harm than good- rather, they suggest, the Orcs could be a useful army against the demonic threat, which they fear will not be far behind.
    Orcs are not exactly cohesive either. The War Chiefs want to reclaim the glory of their forefathers, and drive back the invader threat. The Shamans have seen the disruption in nature, and fear for the world itself- an alliance with the Elves could be the only way to save themselves.

    This is still totally rough and a first draft. I'd love to get at least one other person, maybe two, who will help me build this world and develop this plot fully. I wouldn't be at all opposed to having humans, Dwarves, or some other race enter the picture, or even the Demons themselves.
    Anyways, post away if you have any interest or ideas!
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  2. I am interested, but I also see that medieval setting going on in your RPs, Sabine.
    I would have added the Lamias or something of that sort. Either way, I would be glad to contribute as a co-GM for said game.
  3. I'm sorry, what about the medieval setting? O.o I'm easily confused tonight.

    Lamias are a possibility, but I'd need a good way to weave them into the sociopolitical situation. XD
  4. Sociopolitical... Ah, yes.
    I take it that you're a fan of mixing up politics with the fictional races?

    Sorry, screw my Aspergers.

    But Maybe the lamias could be strictly isolationist and do not want to be involved in any kind of imperial conquest. The lamias, which are "snake people" would hold their political meetings in an uninhabitable part of the land. How about Naming certain Nations? Or adding certain places to the nations--based on the information you have propagated into said idea(s).
    Nation 1~The House of the Sun (Solaris)
    Nation 2~The House of the Moon (Lunatis)
    Nation 3~The House of Darkness (Oyamis)
    Nation 4~The Bamboo Curtains (The Lamias/Aphoptis)

    Those were possible names of the nations.

    Or more like... the states within one continent (possibley called Solphonya or even Dharmis Empire, or maybe i'm just tired and I need sleep.) :lol:
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  5. Well, yes. Most of this plot is political; the demonic threat is merely a impetus for the international friction.

    The Orcs are a nation-state. Think the Cherokee nation, for example. While they have land, their identity as a cohesive group is based on race and culture, not on living on a set group of land or honoring any one ruling body. While there are connected groups based on the Stronghold they retreat to for the winter, they are more or less free of any government larger than the petty chieftains.
    The Elves are a democratic monarchy. The Empire is ruled by an Emperor or Empress, who is elected from and by the two Houses, membership in one of which is required for citizenship. It wouldn't really make sense to have the two Houses have individual countries, as membership is voluntary, not hereditary or required, or separated by geography.

    And they're not within one continent. I'm sorry if I was vague on that point. The Orcs have resided on their own continent for thousands of years; the Elves are native to an entirely different one and have just arrived within the past days.

    As for the Lamias, I think it would be a moot point to have a second group resisting imperial conquest. I'd really want them to add something new and different to the plot- while I'm not opposed to some vague Lamia nation on an island or something, from which a few characters could come, including them on a large scale wouldn't have any real advantage other than adding a third party repeating what the Orcs are already saying.
    Well do you think the Lamias having different views or living near a place where they fight with whatever they want.
  7. Well, yes, there was a house somewhat opposed to conquest as well. The House of the Moon is arguing that instead of waging war against the Orcs, they wage war beside the Orcs.

    As for the Lamias, if you can find a way where they really add something to the plot I'm fine with it, but I don't really want to have extra races just for the sake of having extras.
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  8. Understandable.
    How about adding the Lamias with the Humans or demons, in where the Orcs decide to thrash their land for their skin (?)
    I was thinking about how the Indians moved westward in the 1830s America.

    Or maybe the House of the Sun would have sided with the Lamias to protect their territory? I apologize if I do not have a vast knowledge about imperial history.
  9. I really don't see the House of the Sun, ruthless expansionists and all, siding with the Lamias over the exact same issue they're advocating war with the Orcs for. As for them being another enemy of the Orcs, it's plausible, but idk if it would really add much to the original plot; it's an interesting subplot but I don't like launching into a subplot right off the bat. Really, unless we can pretty directly tie them in with the current events, I'd rather not have them at all- or if you can find a few other people who want to play them. But since they're uncommon in the genre, I don't want you having to represent an entire national interest all by yourself.
  10. By the way, would you like to present any other ideas?
    I don't know too much about how the government is set up, but how about a prime reason about why they're fighting the Lamias and the demons?
    Maybe the Lamias and the Demons could pair up or others trying to migrate and trying to go for national unity?
    But since I garnered interest, maybe you can educate me about the type of monarchy/government they have. I could have had that Lamia nation be Communist or some other constitutional government.
  11. I'm thinking that the Elves & Orcs will meet and decide to work together. To seal a truce down the road, a few key marriage pacts will be signed and a leadership structure will be developed. Perhaps after they begin to establish a setup, they send word to the old continent that an anti-demonic league is being formed, and invite others to join them from their ravaged home, bringing in a slow train of refugees fleeing the demonic apocalypse visited on the old world. Perhaps lead by a group of paladins?
    Or, on a similar note, Angels arrive a bit belatedly, seeking war against their ancient foe. They could see the other races of the world as allies... or obstacles.

    I'm not really opposed to a Lamia-Demonic alliance; problem is, how would the characters involved in that alliance interact with characters on the other side? It would be like having two separate roleplays, the characters of which sometimes fight for a little while. If you can come up with a situation where there's some real interaction between the Demons/Lamias and the Elves/Orcs, that could be a good way to insert the other alliance.

    Communism isn't much of a system without mechanization and mass production but I suppose, if we have Lamias, communism could work with enough tweaking. As for the Elves (I do presume you're asking about the Elves?) their system is fairly simple.
    Elves are not born with the right of citizenship. Rather, they are born subjects of the Emperor. In order to become Citizens, they must display great skill, usually magical, and be accepted into one of the two Houses. Member of the Houses are considered citizens, and gain the right to vote on all democratic matters. Generally speaking, a vote will be held regarding policies that directly affect the emperor (so he can't give himself more power), morality and rights in times of peace (to make sure the citizens agree with the direction the legislature is going), and whether or not to go engage in large-scale international affairs (wars, defensive pacts, that sort of thing). The Emperor is the supreme leader in wartime, and commands the military, taxation, and most other major systems. His power is checked by the citizen vote, but they are not equal partners- as opposed to, say, England, where the monarch is ceremonial and a representative system takes care of the real business.
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  12. I cannot thank you enough, Sabine.
    And I think that's a great idea, actually.

    I believe that the best way to establish some form of "imperialism" (quoted because the Lamia race would most likely use the forest as a method of technology in lieu of using metal, but perhaps they may rely on the demons to make imperialistic armor in the case of a conquest. The skin the Lamias shed are natural resources used for pelts and/or other wardrobe for warmth and elasticity.

    I found some info here, in this anime site (the art of seduction, bleh) or just read the Wiki about the Lamia.

    Also, maybe the demons would have been part of the trade---or maybe the Lamia used to be in neutral terms with the elves (in the case of trading for snake skin and jewels hidden in the caves of the royal Lamia. Maybe that existed until the demons stole the snake skins, and the elves blame it on the Lamia, which results in the trade (and the bond) to be broken.
  13. Well, imperialism and metalworking are totally different things... not sure what you're going for there, honestly.

    Honestly, reading the info... I'm not too sure about Lamia. Namely because an all-female race would be long extinct... perhaps you could go for the more well-known and not exclusively female Naga?

    As for the demons being trade partners, I don't think that would work out. In the plot I mentioned that they had been summoned through a portal and through that were invading; if they'd had a way to get to this world the entire time they probably would have started their conquest much earlier. The Elves might have been trading partners, but then the Lamia couldn't be on the same continent as the Orcs, as that would have lead to immediate conflict.
    And I'm sorry, the demons stole the skins from who? And the Elves are blaming the Lamia because...? o.O

    Look, really, I'm not sure if this whole Lamia thing is gonna work out. It doesn't seem like there's an easy way to incorporate them into this world.
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  14. Or the Echidna?
    Yep, I'm just tired again...

    And I think the Naga would truly work better.
    I was probably thinking that there were different species in the Lamia family, such as Dark Elves and elves are within that genus...
    Or maybe nekomimi (Just kidding! why would nekomimi be there!? LOL)

    But by the way, would a type of trade exist?

    And I meant to ask: did the demons summon themselves or were they summoned by a higher power (Satan, etc.)?
  15. Well, Echidna is also female, so... Naga would probably work best, if we include them at all.

    Well, since I see halflings as being a thing, I'm thinking that Orcs, Elves, Humans, and most other humanoids are the same species, simply made different by isolated populations over long periods of time, and some purposeful breeding of traits. Somewhat like how all dogs are the same species, in spite of being superficially very different.
    The lack of legs with snake-people, though... they would probably only be in the same genus, if even that close, and not be able to inbreed at all.

    Probably no trade, as, like I just said, the Elves summoned them recently. There is definitely no Satan or a god; they're entities, not religious figures. I'm not a Christian and I don't really like incorporating Christian mythos into my roleplays due to my unfamiliarity with it.
  16. Christian mythos... is something demonstrated in my Sins and Virtues role play (which is an academy RP off this site.) I like fiddling with religious mythos. And in the role play, I mentioned them as "two omnipotent forces"--which can be interpreted as entities.

    Something from the game (open)

    That was a co-post from my Rhapsody Inferno Academy role play, which is currently at another forum.
    I must spoil the info in light of the site's privacy guidelines.

    If you are interested, I will PM you the link (which is at another forum).

    I believe that we have talked long enough to share some of the material I made to reflect my abilities.

    Now outside of this, I would agree that there are subspecies, but How about this line-up:
    • Humans
    • Elves
    • dwarves
    • halflings

    • Lamia
    • Echidna
    • Medusa
    • Apophis
    • Shirohebi
    • Anaconda...
    How does that list look as of right now?

    Also, I think we should call this role play "Trusted Into Chaos" or something akin to that name.
  17. Look, really, we're getting off topic. I'm still thinking that we probably won't be including snake people at all. :/ Unless you can convince me in the next post, I think we can pretty much scrap that idea and work with what we've got.
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  18. Oh, yeah...
    But I think if you want to work with what's available, go with it.
    Come to think of it, I really see no point about the snake people being as one of the many demons, nor would they be a part of their own establishment. In fact, I don't think I've provided anything more than crap. :cry:

    I could have written much more on the game itself. When you said "Christian mythos", I decided to incorporate something that shows my (somewhat) high credibility. I apologize for throwing everything off.