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Jane walked into school that day and knew that today wasn't going to be the best day. She just knew it.
As she walked to her locker, there were stares and glances along with whispers and quite laughter. So what? She didn't like dressing up for school and she didn't participate in 'normal teen' activities. Just because she doesn't drink and smoke doesn't mean that she's a boring person. In all honesty, she thinks that people can actually be friends with her--if they were to put aside the fact that she has two different colored eyes and jet-black hair.

Clutching her books closer to her, she turned the corner and ran into a tall figure. Falling to the ground, she let go of her books and the contents of her bag spilled all over the hallway, causing laughter and pointing from her fellow peers. Looking up, she realized who she ran into and groaned. She knew it wasn't going to be the best days.

"Well, well..." Said a velvet voice. It was Ian, the most popular boy in school and the wealthiest as well.
Being the wealthiest, best looking, and the smartest--Ian went through school as if it were a carnival ride. Though he did find his source of entertainment usually in ridiculing people just like Jane.