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    Sora A. Elrich
    "Blood does not make us who we are, are choices do"
    Sora gave a small sigh of annoyance. While she was glad to be back at Hogwarts she was not happy to be back while it was raining! Not only raining, but down poor! She felt like a drowned rat, not to mention she had quite a few things on her mind. Like how she was going to keep her feelings for a certain slytherin a secret how she was going to deal with her classes this year. It was not like she was a horrible student, she just had some classes she was a bit.. well she sucked in potions. She hated that class with a fiery passion and not just cause Professor Snape had a bad habit of picking on her.

    Though she was glad to be on her way to the great hall, for the feast. One thing she did love and never got old, the amount of great food here! While she didn't have bad food at home, it was not like here! She gave a small smile though as she looked around at all the faces, she was never one for making enemies of any person, no matter house. Something she was starting to see, people looked at her weird for. She gave a small sigh as she stopped just outside the doors and let some people pass, she was hoping to get a glimpse of a certain boy, and hopefully he would smile back.
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