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  1. So... I've just been wondering what everyone's opinions on how/where the gaming industry today is going. Just one little thing; try not to turn this entire thread into a massive flame war :P (debates are ok just as long as they don't get too out of hand XD) Anyways talk away people! This is just something sparked by my curiosity o.o
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  2. I miss Nintendo hard games.

    I do like the advancements and uniqueness in game play that were not possible 20 yrs ago
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  3. It is what it is. I get that it's sort of seen as fashionable or contrarian to go on about just how bad that there vidya game industry is these days, but honestly? It's fine.

    Indie support has never been better. The resources, programs and distribution platforms available to a fledgling indie studio now is infinitely better than what we had even half a decade ago.

    PC gaming is back in a big way.

    Don't like Steam? That's cool, buy from GOG. Or grab the Humble Bundle. Hell, even Origin isn't really all that bad these days, if limited.

    I'm not saying gaming doesn't have it's issues. The whole pre-order thing is getting pretty fucking ridiculous these days, but honestly? You can kinda blame the consumer for that: publishers are just catering to a demand. Don't like the fact that games like Watch_dogs have redonkulous numbers of versions just so publishers can dangle carrots in front of your face? Don't fucking buy them, then.

    I mean, seriously. Who the fuck doles out their cash for something that hasn't even been released yet? It's like you people want to be ripped off, or something.
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  4. o.o Don't worry a few games are there to bring back the old "Nintendo hard" games XD (shovel knight is a good example)
    XD and yeah, I have to agree with you here, plus; there's just as many shitty games made today as there were back in the olden days (it's just more publicized now).
  5. I'd like steam more if it had a better way to search out games -.- If you know exactly what you want, it's fine. But if all you have is just a general craving, know it when you see it type deal? It's a nightmare to slog through. Say I really enjoyed a game for it's surrealism and story. I can't really search for "Surreal Story". I can't even really search for "Games like _____". And this isn't just a Steam thing, its a problem for most digital distributers.

    Other than that, I don't really have many complaints about the game industry.
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  6. Hmm actually google would be a good substitute for that till steam implements a feature like that o.o Just sayin
  7. Steam is kinda working on something like that. It's recommendation system is currently awful but it goes based on games you own and usually suggests the ones on your wishlist. But it would be nice to actually search for games like specific other games instead of just genre. But they are implementing tags so who knows...maybe it'll happen?
  8. I find that games nowadays are really short compared to the ones in the PSX and PS2 era. Usually I can complete the main scenario and endgame of a PS3 RPG in 7-9 days while it took me a month to complete Suikoden II and even longer for Persona 3 and 4.
  9. There's a few current gen games out there that are still quite lengthy :3 but yeah I have to agree with you there o.o (I want longer games!)
  10. More innovation. Less copy-catting.

    Oh wait, no company wants to risk money on something that might not sell millions.

    Also, fuck early access.
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  11. XD some non-copycatting games are out there thankfully (and yeah... Early access has way too many loop holes atm o.o)
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  12. The cost of creating games has skyrocketed in the last decade. It costs millions of dollars for the AAA industry to produce a single game. If they don't sell millions of copies, that cost is a huge blow to the company, and subsequently the next few games suffer because of it. And smaller companies tend to fold if they don't sell well. When the industry finds a way to level out the costs, then they can dip their toes into more original content with bigger risks.
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  13. The Witcher 2 cost 10.86 million to make. A no-name studio from across the big pond.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic cost 500 million. Backed by a massive brand name. A (shitty) popular studio. And one of the biggest publishers in the gaming market (Also known as the EAntiChrist).

    Which one is getting a sequel still?
  14. I'm guessing the old republic (EA is known for it's shitty sequels though)
  15. An MMO getting a sequel in under 2 years of its release and Free-to-Play. Laughable. It's pretty much dead now.

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has many companies scrambling to get their product out before them with a fraction of the development time.

    Looking at you Bioware, just let Dragon Age die with quiet dignity.
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  16. Why does this make me think of Elder scrolls online...
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  17. Because it flopped just as hard as well.
  18. Moral of the story; Stop making popular fantasy games into MMORPG's people!
  19. I wish SEGA would make another console that can revive Sonic to what he was 20 years ago or better, make him popular again. Here's my reason, some companies had gotten their hands on Sonic and they didn't do a good job of portraying him right.
  20. I wish SEGA would localize Yakuza 5 and Ishin. But, noooooooooooo... SEGA has a personal vendetta against me. ;_:
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