Ophelia, Back From the Dead

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  1. Hello friends, Ophelia here for the first time in something like a year and a half? And let me tell you, it's been something else. I think I might have told you guys about my weak immune system. WELL, I was in a very very unhealthy relationship stemming from sometime mid 2012 into February of this year. The stress of said unhealthy relationship made my immune system even weaker than usual and resulted in about 6 months of perpetual illness serve enough to necessitate two operations. D:

    Anyway, I got out of that nasty relationship and found an amazing new girlfriend with whom I am now approaching my 8 month anniversary and everything is kinda awesome except, I have been searching like crazy for new creative outlets and that's what brought me back here to Iwaku. :D

    So anyway, enough about me. Let's rap. How are you guys doin'?
  2. Welcome back, Ophelia! And way to keep fighting. *highfives* I thiiiink I vaguely remember you? But that's no judge on your character. I just have the mind of a goldfish. Still, it's really good to hear that you're doing better and that you have someone better in your life now.

    I'm sure the forum is set up maybe a bit differently than when you were last here so if you need help with anything, just message me or any other of the staff members. Don't be shy to hang in the CBOX either, okay?

    Have fun and may the Muse be with you. :)
  3. Thank you, Dawn. Yeah, I've noticed a few differences I'll have to navigate. Expect a message from me soon. :)
  4. Wow that's a heavy ordeal you have to go through but it's great you have gotten through it and found a healthy relationship on top of it all. Best wishes to your and her :) And welcome back to Ophelia and I hope you'll have a great time here on Iwaku! ^_^
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  5. Aww thank you. It was worth it if it got me to where I am. :) Best wishes to you too!
  6. Don't know if I know you but Hi.
  7. Hiya. How are you?
  8. I'm good. Just chilling and siting through class.
  9. Cool, glad to hear it. :) Hope class is going alright.
  10. Welcome back and wow, such an ordeal you got there. I am glad everything has worked out okay with you. ^^

    Though I am still new here--just hit my one weeksery now, lol. But I feel like welcoming you back despite the fact that I am new. So welcome back!