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    Good day or evening, my lovelies.
    It is I, Operator, that has infiltrated this section of the website with my odd little thread here.
    Though I am relatively new to the website, roleplaying is something I have plenty, plenty of experience in, perhaps a little too much experience. I adore writing, and am always excited to get back onto my laptop and reply to my lovely roleplays.
    But alas, I have no roleplays to reply to! It's an insult to my inner author to malnourish my muse.
    So, in order for this problem to be fixed, I am sending this thread out into the wild world to recruit a few brave souls to participate in some both unorthodox and cliche romance pairings with me.

    o - o - o - o - o

    I have a list of basic guidelines and tips as to what type of writer I am, so please, please read all the information below - it most likely will influence your desire to write with me.

    o - o - o - o - o

    Rules and Regulations
    • Grammar is a must for me. Though small typos and the occasional screw-up are always fine, any form of the English language that isn't grammatically correct {txt spk, L337 5P34K, etc.} is strictly prohibited.
    • I am a lengthy writer; my minimum post length is normally about two to three paragraphs, and my maximum usually evens out to maybe eight, ten, or even twelve paragraphs, though that's the highest I normally go. I expect around the same length from my partners. If you can write two to three paragraphs or more, you're fine by me. One-paragraph responses are not appreciated, and one-liners are greatly despised.
    • Post consistency is something you'll have to be very lenient on for me. I do have a life outside of the Internet, with classes and events and such, and therefore have to balance both those and my writing out evenly. Though I do try to get in at least a response a day, I might lag a little on certain days depending on what's going on. If you remain patient and supportive for me, I will return the favor wholeheartedly. Pester me and I'll drop our roleplay like it's a white-hot coal.
    • I prefer M x F relationships. M x M and F x F are types I haven't played often and can't do quite as confidently. I hope you can understand.
    • I do not write out smut. This may be a turn-off for many, but I feel that lengthening out a sex scene or describing intercourse in detail isn't necessary. Though romance is encouraged {required even} for many of my cravings, smut is going a little too far. Fading to black is preferred.
    • I'm alright with any other mature content, such as violence/gore, dark themes, etcetera. Smut is my only exception.
    • I prefer writing over threads rather than PMs, which are harder for me to handle. I only roleplay over this site. I've tried other methods beforehand and they failed miserably.
    • I'd prefer we use written descriptions as character appearances rather than pictures, please. Depending on the situation, I may be willing to use pictures, but normally, I'd like to use written descriptions. Normally, whenever pictures are being used, I'd far prefer to use anime rather than realistic. I hope you can bear with me on that.
    • I do not do fandoms. Playing Canon characters in Canon settings {or even OC characters in Canon settings, or vice-versa} is too pre-specified for me to do properly. I stick with original everything.
    • I don't 'double up'. Handling one character is a filling enough challenge already.
    o - o - o - o - o

    Have you made it this far?
    Oh, well thank you! I'm very happy that you respect my styles, comforts, and discomforts in writing.
    I am now going to launch into a small section that will have a legend in it for the following section, the ideas section. It's also a good idea to read up on these symbols and their meanings as well so that you can understand my preferences with each idea.

    o - o - o - o - o

    Ideas and Plots Legend

    - This symbol will specify that I'd like to play the male character of the listed idea.

    - This symbol will specify that I'd like to play the female character of the listed idea.

    / - This symbol will specify that I have no gender preference in the listed idea.

    - If this symbol is next to an idea, it means that the idea will involve a romantic relationship.

    - If this symbol is next to an idea, it means that the idea will involve a platonic relationship {i.e, a relationship that is very close, yet without sexual or romantic involvement; includes close friendships and family-like bonds}.

    / - If this symbol is next to an idea, it means that the idea can involve either a platonic or romantic relationship - your choice.

    [ ] - This symbol will specify that the listed idea is open for interest.

    [ X ] - This symbol will specify that the listed idea has been filled and is closed for the time being.

    - This symbol will specify that the listed idea contains mature content {violence, gore, trigger topics [depression, suicide, etcetera], and so on}.

    o - o - o - o - o

    Everything clear?
    Onto the ideas, then!

    o - o - o - o - o

    Ideas and Plots
    [ ] Rough Waters - | /

    Main Plot (open)
    The years have passed from our time, and in the passage, new discoveries have been uncovered. This includes the revolutionary scientific breakthrough of the finding of merpeople in the oceans of earth. Merpeople have been alive for centuries hiding just below our range of understanding and keeping underneath our natural-born senses of skepticism. They were only recently discovered when a diver came across one of these merpeople and managed to capture photos of it.

    The merpeople are different from what we first expected them to be. Although there are the normal sized merpeople, mermaids and mermen with normal fish lower halves, there were also other types of merpeople - including whale merpeople. These merpeople were special in the fact that their sizes and ratios of length and width depended on their bottom halves, meaning that merpeople who had bottom halves such as minke whale halves were very large compared to humans. This was the main reason that the humans have kept their greed at bay and left the merpeople to be free, since they were very powerful creatures who could easily harm the humans if attempted to be captured.

    In the midst of all of this, we focus in on a young woman whose life hasn't been the most ideal. Hardships have been present that have bogged her down, made her lose a good majority of her hope in a better future, and have just simply depressed her once happier and more care-free life. She worries, she saddens - she's been through it all, and has been affected greatly with both stress and anxiety from the events she has suffered with.

    There is a particular day where she finally can't take the stress and decides she needs some time to unwind and relax. She had always had a particular love for the ocean, since her father would often take her on a personally owned speedboat at times to explore when she was younger, and decides to brush off the dust from the old boat sitting in her garage to take it out to the ocean and relax there for a little while. The next day, she sets the boat up - filling it with the gas it needs, loading it up onto an old hook-on carrier to her car, and taking it out to the docks to set it down on the ocean.

    She drives out onto the calmer parts of the sea and shuts off her boat once the noise of the city is drowned by the silence and the ambiance of the ocean, relaxing herself. For a while, the small trip is quite peaceful, and she reminisces about her childhood and lets her worries roam away for the time being. But what she doesn't know is that there is something that has spotted her boat from underneath the surface of the cool blue water.

    It just so happens that an orca whale merman has spotted this young woman's boat just sitting out on the surface, and this strikes curiosity within him. Of course, being an orca merman would cause him to be very large compared to the normal human, but that doesn't stop him as he swims towards the boat with the curious inquisitiveness fresh in his mind, wondering what exactly the silhouetted figure was and wondering what it was doing out on the calm ocean.

    We will begin the roleplay at this meeting sequence between a curious orca whale merman and a startled - and definitely terrified -female human. The orca whale merman is going to be quite large compared to the girl, so sexual involvements in the plot are going to be kept away for the sake of awkwardness {he is, after all, nearly thirty five feet long, so keep that in mind}. There shouldn't be anything too sensitive in this roleplay unless the female character is planned to have sensitive subjects, so this is technically open to everyone.

    My position preference for this idea is the position of the orca whale merman.

    - - -

    [ X ]
    Experimental Measures - |

    Main Plot (open)
    The first mythical creature to ever be witnessed has recently been captured by none other than the United States government. The mythical creature is known and labeled as a 'harpy' - a hybrid mix of a human and a bird. The common look of a harpy is the lower body of a bird and the head of a human, but this creature is special. He has gained more human characteristics than bird, having the full upper body of a human, and the wings, legs, and tail of a bird. He's a remarkable specimen, and the government has finally captured him and taken him into a secret facility for experimentation.

    Time passes as the male harpy is kept in containment, and at first, he is very, very bitter and resistant towards the humans. He constantly refuses the tests they need him to do, snaps at scientists whenever they attempt a closer look at him. Eventually, the resistance becomes incompatible with the scientist's methods of research, and they are forced to take on inhumane methods in order to force him to cooperate. Punishments are enforced, and instead of the expected submission they need, they receive an even more hostile response to the punishments.

    But, eventually, the subject learns to get used to the punishment and finally gives in, still making complete sure to show his resistance at certain times to prove he isn't under their complete control. On particularly bad days, scientists who have gone into his habitat have been murdered by the subject, so physical therapists assigned to do physical check-ups are greatly expendable and tricked into performing such a dangerous job by the facilitators.

    Many of the scientists in the facility treat him as if he was just some creature rather than a person, using condescending attitudes and superiority that make his blood boil. But one day, he receives a newer scientist in his habitat - a physical therapist, sent in to perform physical check-ups each day - that greatly surprises him.

    This scientist isn't at all rude or superior-acting. She's the exact opposite, in fact - she treats him in as friendly a manner as possible, communicating with him like she would any other person, treating him as a human would treat another human, in an amiable manner. It shocks him at first, and instead of carrying out with his plan on taking her life as his next show of defiance, he stops himself. At first, his bitterness is only brought down a couple of degrees, and he cooperates just a tiny bit more leniently towards her than he usually does. And she leaves in just as friendly a manner as she came.

    Now this definitely derives a source of newfound curiosity from him. He decides to give this scientist a chance, since she seems to be much better than any scientist he had ever encountered. She, of course, seemed rather frightened of him at first - all the scientists who came into direct contact did - but when she had recovered, she had started treating him in such a human manner. It was interesting, and he was determined to find out why she was being so friendly to him, if the gesture was an act of kindness or some type of cruel prank.

    This story focuses around the growing relationship between a male harpy and a female scientist. The scientist sees him daily and enters his habitat in order to gain direct contact for his daily physical fitness check-ups, so they would be seeing each other daily. This plot does not involve anything particularly graphic, so it's open for all.

    My position preference for this idea is the male harpy.

    - - -

    [ X ] Opposites Attract - / | |

    Main Plot (open)
    Not many people get outcasted. It's a rather rare occurrence, having people who are completely thrown out of the social statuses and be labeled as something to be ignored, hurt at a person's whim, or simply forgotten. Well, let me tell you - there's one young woman who definitely knows how that feels. She's constantly dismissed as a freak, despite the rare beauty she holds, all because of her natural nature; her submissive attitudes, odd styles and interests, and her seemingly closed-away personality.

    We have a weight on that side of the scale. And then we move to the complete opposite side of the scale.

    We come across a young man who has been placed in a position of near royalty in the school. Whether it be from his amiable and smooth personality, his ravishing looks, or the odd quirks that he has, everybody has placed him on a pedestal. Although this is true, and much is expected from him - which he flawlessly provides - he has a secret wish within himself that urges him to quit impressing everybody and just be normal. Though at the point he's at now, he couldn't. He'd be punished for something like that harshly by the students that very nearly idolize him.

    These two students are on seemingly opposite sides of the social ladder, one pushed to the very lowest of the rungs, while the other has been lifted to the very highest of the rungs. Though they'll soon come to realize that they aren't all that different from each other, despite this drastic opposition in their social statuses.

    The young man one day comes across the young woman being bullied by a few of the beefier students of the school. He had never witnessed a student being bullied, and the arrogance that would often try to take over his mind simply snickered and pressed him to carry on his way. But something stopped him. It was an urge as he watched this girl be harassed, an urge to break from his routine and actually attempt to help her before it moved to physical harassment, something worse than just words.

    Though the arrogance harshly questioned this, he quickly shoved the feeling away and took out his courageous side, stepping into the middle of the bullying and giving somewhat of a confrontation to the bullies with an odd, very threatening calm to his mood - and surprising everybody around them in the process, including the victimized girl. The bullies are shocked that the most popular of the school had just stepped in in defense of the girl, and back off out of their surprise and leave, deciding that it wasn't a good idea to continue when she had such an unfair advantage on her side. Once they are gone, the surprise is apparent between the two students as they awkwardly greet each other and as the popular student - the student that the outcast actually feels slight intimidation in speaking to - asks if she's alright.

    This will be focused around the growing relationship between the most outcasted student and the most popular student of a school. It will take place in a high school setting, around the junior/senior age range. I wasn't planning on any touchy topics for this, so it's open to everybody.

    I have no position preference for this idea.

    - - -

    [ X ] Rebuilding the Broken - / | |

    Main Plot (open)
    A young woman is caught in an abusive relationship, and it has changed her. She has become quieter, more timid. She forges hasty excuses for the bruises, cuts, and injuries that appear along her body every so often. She is kept under her abusive boyfriend's shadow, constantly put down and brushed off, used as a punching bag for nights of a broken temper of drunken rage. She keeps to herself, she makes sure to keep her secrets from everybody and anybody who may come across her in curiosity . . .

    Except for one young man.

    He is her best friend - a person she can tell everything to. Her heart rips apart and pours it's many secrets, pains, hardships, and problems into the arms of her closest friend. She receives nothing but love, support, and comfort in return. His loyalty is unmatched to any other. His compassion is immense and seemingly never-ending. His honesty is as deep as it could ever become. He is her keeping place for every small detail, her safe haven, her beacon of hope and source of purpose on this earth. He would never abandon her, never push her away. He is her happy place.

    As time passes, the abuse grows worse, more frequent. Her best friend grows more and more agitated with the fact, feeling a need to confront this abomination of a significant other and teach him a lesson he'd never forget. But out of her wishes, he keeps his urges to himself. He wouldn't, couldn't betray her wishes. She trusted him with all her heart, and he would keep that as safe as he could.

    After weeks of this steadily growing abuse, a particular night begins with a phone call that changes everything. She calls him late at night, her voice cracking and trembling as she relays to him her situation - her boyfriend had nearly killed her back at the home she lived in, and she packed whatever she could, grabbed her important personal belongings, and ran. She had nowhere to go - he could practically see the tears forming in her eyes as she spoke that. It was heart-wrenching, not to mention absolutely worrying to hear.

    Immediately, he offers her time to stay in his home with him, quickly locking the house up and hopping into his car in the process. She, of course, declines out of her natural politeness, but he retorts insistently that she will be staying with him, refusing to allow her to go back to that insane man or have to walk the streets. He picks her up, finding her to have nothing but a very haphazardly packed bag of her clothing and her wallet. She has bruises in places that were beginning to swell, and a cut on her cheek still bleeding as he drives her to his home as fast as possible to help fix her and her wounds up.

    This plot is about the mending of a shattered spirit through the love, care, and tenderness that this abused young woman truly needs. This does obviously involve trigger topics, the main one being abuse and a couple others being possible violence, self harm, and depression, so please refrain from this idea if any of those topics make you uncomfortable.

    I have no position preference for this idea.

    - - -

    [ X ] Afraid of the Dark - | |

    Main Plot (open)
    There is a veil which separates worlds that were meant to be split - Earth and Tebrae. Tebrae is a world where our nightmares are brought to life, where predatory creatures of darkness and of our worst, most irrational fears arise and breath. Only very few of the inhabitants of Tebrae are aware of earth, and the few that are require very powerful sources of magic considered illegal, even in their own world, to enter the other realm and make our deepest and most 'fantasized' fears come to life. Earth and all of its inhabitants are all but oblivious to this second world.

    On a specific day, a young girl catches sight of a creature emerging from a portal in her backyard. Though normally, a portal from Tebrae to Earth would be in a more obscure location, the creature that emerged was an amateur magic user who did not fully understand the hazards of being detected by humans. Luckily, the young girl was the only one to witness this portal opening. Out of curiosity, she wanders towards it and, while staring down into it, accidentally falls inside of it, and is transported to the other world while the portal she had first entered through closes off completely.

    The young girl is terrified to find the world she is thrown into. Every monster we only ever dreamed nightmares of is walking about, breathing, living, from cold-hearted vampires, to ravenous werewolves, to giant creepy-crawlies and slithering beasts, and everything in between. She survived this new world by hiding herself away from the monsters with her much smaller and more lithe stature helping her out.

    She didn't last very long before she was finally found, and unfortunately, the creature to find her was one that none of the creatures of Tebrae wished to mess around with. This creature is rather humanoid in appearance, despite the fact that he's much, much taller than any normal human, said to be {or once have been} male, and could melt himself down into a shadow and manipulate shadows to his liking, being his way of causing fear.

    Although, what the creatures of Tebrae don't know is that this monster was actually once a human as well, whose young daughter's life had been taken by a tragic accident. The man had begged for some way to bring her back, and Death himself appeared to him, giving him the option of giving back the young girl's life in exchange for an eternity of being in this monstrous form he is in now. He agreed immediately, and his daughter was brought back while he was transported into a different body and sealed off into Tebrae forever.

    He sees the girl's fear, and since the girl distinctly reminds him of his daughter, he takes pity on her, and decides to take the human girl into his care rather than strike her down. The male monster will be going on an arduous quest while dedicating his life to protecting this young girl to return her back to Earth and back to her home. This idea will contain sequences of violence and possible gore, so writer discretion is advised.

    My position preference for this idea is the male monster.
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  2. Rebuilding the Broken and Experimental Measures are what the two that have intrigued me the most. :) If you're willing to have me, that is.
  3. @Amy

    Since I already have the spot for the Experimental Measures idea taken, Rebuilding the Broken would be the ideal choice.

    Shoot me a message so that we can talk it over. Thanks for the interest! ^ ^
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