Operation D.R.A.G.

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    D.R.A.G. is a military operation investigating an anomaly in the Pacific Ocean that not many people in the general populace know much about. The operation is investigating and containing a floating continent that has arisen out of the oceans. Not much can be understood about the strange collection of floating stones and mountain ranges other than that there seems to be no inherit force holding them in the atmosphere. Similarly, nothing can be said about the continents inhabitants, dragons.

    Weird right? Dragons. Aren't they supposed to be like... stories? Myths? Legends? NOPE. Large flying reptilians the size of Elephants have appeared living in/on a FLOATING CONTINENT IN THE SKY. You see why there is a military operation occurring? Every major military and a few minor military units have a team working on the continent.

    After a few months of study, one large dragon of opalescent white scales flew to meet a group of Americans, seeming to understand the language they were speaking and being drawn to it. The confrontation brought more information to than they had found since they had been investigating the continent.

    This particular dragon could speak in a telepathic manner to humans, a voice of an old English man was that he used. The story he told went a little something like this:

    Long ago, this world was filled with magic. Magic ran amok and brought both good and evil to those who trifled with it. Some used it to heal their brethren while others used it to level towns and cities. It was a chaotic force that we dragons worked in tandem with to speak to humans in your own languages, however not everyone trusted us because of our monstrous appearance. We were shunned and hunted, being assumed spawns of demonic activity.

    We had friends though. Wizards, witches, warlocks, druids, and many others fought for us and talked with us. We learned from them as they learned from us. But not everyone sought out peace between our races, or peace of any sorts.

    Evil Dragons and Evil Magicians existed, they enslaved the hearts and minds of thousands and resurrected massive armies of the dead to overthrow kingdoms. Some dragons were fused with magic and became more monstrous than not, they became primal beasts without clear thought, controlled only by the wills of their master magicians.

    One such dragon, Deltoro, was used by the Great Necromancer Mulein Drendor and grew to a massive size, dwarfing some castles, and bearing enough power to crush an army by himself. We feared what the two could do if left unchecked, so we devised a plan to seal them away.

    We lured them onto this place, this continent we had no name for. We set them up to a mountain and amounted a war. We took them down, but in the aftermath we saw the destruction magic could wreak upon this world, so we decided to seal it away forever. That's what we did, but in the process all of the world's dragons where sealed away as well, in fear of being persecuted without magic to respond along with myself. Someone must have freed part of the spell and released us, and for that I am eternally grateful. But it seems only I have retained any of the magic there once was... it is now all but nothing.

    With knowledge of the sentience of dragons, they requested of the White Dragon, Galdoro, to help translate and help them work with the dragons the various government groups came in contact with. He of course agreed, and the study of the continent continued on a faster pace.

    Now thirty years later, study of dragons and their continent are still under study, but the continent has begun to be assimilated into the world around it. Under the guide of military, certain civilians have been able to visit and there are talks of commercialization in some areas. The problem with this is that some dragons are rogue and don't appreciate humans much, so have become dangerous.

    Not only that... some people have been unable to see past the fact that Dragons are every bit as intelligent as humans, and seek to use them like animals, while some think they're too dangerous to let live. Politicians thusly have their hands full with dealing with the new continent and what the people want. The world is different than it used to be and the introduction of new territory still has it ablaze.

    To try and remedy the various problems, several countries perceived the issues that would come to pass and these countries got together under Operation D.R.A.G. and created a specialized team of dragons and soldiers. Each country in the program raised two children from birth, one male and one female, with dragon chicks as partners. The idea was that the bond the children would make with their dragons could help show the world the harmony of the two species, but they also formed elite soldiers that guarded research groups and the various establishments on the continent, even still they tripled as translators between dragons and humans.

    Each child was born modified genetically to better perform their jobs, and were fitted, along with their dragons, with a spinal tap that allowed a sort of telepathic communication between the two partners, but nobody else. They would be then raised as normal children but had extra-curricular activities such as combat training and trust exercises with their dragon partners and whosiwhatsits.

    Now in the age of 21, the pairs are beginning to see the light of day as specialized partners. Each country that has participated are now converging at the American base with an ambassador and the two partners to work together and figure where to go from here.


    Roleplayers will be playing a rider and dragon duo apart of D.R.A.G. as they arrive onto the American base right before their first mission. Hoping to see anywhere up to 10 roleplayers joining. Join the group here ( https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-group/operation-d-r-a-g.1000/group-detail ), but PM me first so I know you've read everything! If you don't PM me first, I WON'T ACCEPT YOU INTO THE GROUP!!! 8D
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