Operating System Wars

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Original poster
This thread is simple.
Please tell us what operating system, or combination thereof you use on your computer and/or smartphone.
If you like, tell why you like the said OS.

For Example, I use Mac and Google Android for the same reason: They are not Microsoft products.

So, what say you?


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Windows 7 is great. Except when it breaks, like now. God damnit I don't have time for this I need to get a graduate project meet professors do homework play games browse the web I don't have the time to reinstall windows god damnit.


Original poster
I never had a problem with windows, but everytime I suspect a site may be unsafe I try it on another PC first, lol.


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I use a PC with Windows 7!

I've always preferred PCs cause Macs are crazy over-priced. I know lots of people say "Macs are safer and get hacked less". Well a PC is also safe if you're not a total dumbass and actually learn how to protect your computer and not click on obviously-scam links or download untrusted stuff. @____@

And Windows 7 works. o___o It has some neat lil features, but I don't use most of them so it dun matter to me. XD As long as my operating system works, I'm good.

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This PC still runs XP, because I am a fucking student with no spare money to update it. Also because I only just recently started using it again, and when I was before Vista was the alternative.

And Vista sucks ass.


Original poster
I use Microsoft products because they're not apple products, and the only good stuff apple has come up with is the iPod.


Original poster
I currently use windows 7. I really didn't have a choice in the matter (it came standard with my computer) So far I like it. I would also like to say that I would take anything over apple.


Original poster
PC: Windows 7. I play games, and the selection of games available for Mac pales in comparison.

Phone: Android. I hear and see smug people make comments about how the iOS platform is better because it's Apple (and other little inane comments, but mostly I see "because it's Apple, and Apple rules"), but really, it's simply a matter of opinion. I like Android. The cake is a lie. There is no spoon.


The Red Tower
I do not use Apple products (OS) because I simply do not appreciate their proprietary nature.

I manage four PCs with Windows 7, Two with Vista, and one with XP. The later three will soon be upgraded to Windows 7.
I'm killing the two Vista, and single XP installs because they are no longer supported. And because I can.
I'm not much of a fan of Windows, either.

I personally use two PCs with CrunchBang Linux, one with Debian Linux, and another with Google's Chromium OS.

I'm still running BlackBerry OS 5 on my BlackBerry. No need to upgrade, it works fine.
Yes, they still exist. I love my BlackBerry.


Original poster
So.... I may have found a version of Linux I can say completely replaces the Mac. It's Fedora, and here's a screenshot.


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Windows purely for gaming. Its still a pos though but i have to deal with it.