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  1. DarkMist, white "If you are receiving this you have been sent this (Email,Letter,Note,Scroll...ect.) for you poses a special power that makes you stand out.... you are all from different time periods and different universes but, with the help of my power.
    DarkMist, white You will be summoned here for my amusement casted to fight against and with your fellow partners to defeat many of your opponents. Who Am I? I am DarkMist your host, and this is your time to fight!
    [fieldset=DarkMist, white][/fieldset]

    DarkMist, white
    (Sign up.) Apply for a character and give one reason why you think you should get that character. (Don't post until we have at least (10 people)

    Oc's are accepted just need Name, Height , age, game,gender, ethnicity, and power.

    Lets have some fun!

    Characters taken :

    Link -Zadock Shadows

    Squall Leonhart -Sladelious

    Okami- Sav The Zombitch

    Kratos- Phantom Plazma

    Ahri of League of Legends- Ice Queen

    master chief - kenchi
    Thel- yon
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  2. I would like to apply for the character link from the Legend of Zelda. I have been involved with the series since the beginning. My first game was Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo entertainment system. As the series grew I felt that I grew with it.
  3. Sure can you tell me somthing about him
  4. Ok and what character would you like?
  5. Name: Link
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19 (12 in child form)
    Height: 6ft
    Game: Legend of Zelda
    Ethnicity: White
    Power: The triforce of courage grants him strength, He has the ocarina of time that will transform him into a child allowing him to use a different set of weapons. His weapons range from across Zelda games.
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  6. Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII.


    Name: Squall Leonhart.
    Alias: Leon.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: Seventeen.
    Race: Human.
    Height: Five foot eight.
    Weight: One hundred sixty-five pounds.
    Tress Hue: Dark brown.
    Oculus Hue: Cerulean.
    Laterality: Right-handed.
    Blood Type: AB.
    Preferred Weapon: Gunblade.
    Blade Style: Relentless Revolver.
    Hand Style: Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Jiu-jitsu.
    Abilities: Renzokuken.
    Squall is a taciturn youth of average height, standing eight inches above five feet with a semi-athletic physique of one hundred sixty-five pounds. His complexion is rather pale in, in comparison to unruly medium length tresses of a mixed pitch and chocolate shade. Accenting this, vibrant cerulean oculi escaped the profile of the young man, highlighted by a large scar running from the right upper half of his nasal bridge, down to the upper half of his cheek. In addition, his left ear's lobe is pierced with a small diamond stud on sterling silver. Around his neck, a similar chain holds the iconic pendant of his Guardian Force, Griever.

    For his usual apparel, Squall wears a long-sleeved black leather bomber jacket with wintry white fur trim, which stops at midriff; underneath, a white cotton V-neck T-shirt is worn. Squall also wears matching leather full finger gloves on both hands. Below, slightly bagged matching pants are placed, held upon slender waistline by three intersecting light brown belts with silver pyramidal studs. On either foot, thrice-layered midnight leather buckled biker boots plated in high-carbon steel in toe and heel finish the SeeD's ensemble.

    In combat, Squall uses a combination of chained spells casted through mental manipulation of various elements, or to those who wanted to get technical, Kinesis. Each of these are essentially "junctioned" into himself and his equipment, giving superhuman capability and superiority in the battlefield. To put it simply, Squall can utilize various magical powers, while also being immune to similar methods of attack, solely due to the fact the he made himself able to withstand elements and status ailments through mystical teachings learned in Balamb's military academy were he had been brought up. Each technique varies in temperature, degree, element, et cetera, albeit their casting limit is locked as one hundred uses and furthermore cannot be changed. To add to this, Squall can also cast spells using his enemy's own reserves, without depleting his own.
    The Revolver gunblade is a sword with a revolver chamber, which serves as the hilt for the blade. Despite its name, it cannot be used as an actual gun, meaning it does not fire projectiles, and can therefore only be used in melee combat. The firearm portion of Revolver is used in conjunction with striking and pulling the trigger placed within the hilt. This causes a round to disperse as the gunblade's hammer would strike. The reaction causes a shockwave to pulsate the blade, causing extra damage to be inflicted from each strike. Renzokuken typically is the term given for this, albeit the aforementioned may only be used in dire times of need.

    Squall's own model gunblade is unique in its appearance, featuring a stenciled image of the Guardian Force Griever on both sides of the three foot long by two inch thick handle accented in lustrous leather. The adamantium and titanium crafted blade itself is near indestructible by both physical and magical means, given that Squall had "junctioned" his abilities into it. Not only is it highly reinforced, but also highly deadly in overall sharpness, for it can easily cleave through the most durable materials in single strikes. Squall specialises in swift, multi-hit combo attacks that rapidly drain an opponent's reaction time and defensive options. His melee attacks have low range, but execute quickly and do heavy damage, especially when chained with his magic spells, letting him hit multiple times in rapid succession while setting the enemy up for even more melee strikes.

    finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Squall_Leonhart (Story information)
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  7. Accepted
  8. when do we start
  9. WHen we get enough people hopefually 9 but well.....if all dosent go to plan you two will start friday.
  10. [​IMG]

    So try and get people! please
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  11. I am also interested in this ^-^ I will apply soon
  12. @Zadok shadows Link has the triforce of courage not wisdom

    Also I'm planning on joining
  13. sorry I my mind was wondering when writing
  14. Hello! I am interested in joining this RP, reading through the short intro I could understand what sort of characters should we be using. I noticed people were using character from video games, so I guess that's the route we are going to take. I will have a OC shortly up, if those are allowed. Cheers.
  15. Yes You may choose a video game character or an oc from a video game ! Im glad your interested did you see the posters?
  16. Awesome, I will sort out my character shortly.

    Yes, I must admit though the image was a bit stretched but I noticed an assassins creed character in it. :-)
  17. May I reserve Okami Amaterasu?
  18. Yes you may! please just tell me a little somthing about them
  19. I'm planning on joining but I'm wondering can the characters be from any game?
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