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  1. I've been plotting a sort of "Open World" RP for the KHR(Katekyo Hitman Reborn) Universe. By Open World I mean, you make your character and your interactions with others/your own story could interact with other players. Making for a diverse social experience between everyone's OC. I've noticed that in RP's everyone wants the spotlight and have their hard-worked OC's noticed, so I figure the best way to do that is for everyone to introduce themselves to this dormant world and make it erupt with their own unique actions. And the good thing about KHR is with the Mafia, interactions between the different families is almost inevitable. I would like for specific areas of the KHR universe to be open to the players. Such as Namimori, Vongola HQ, Simon Island, Millefiore Base, ect. Anyone can join whatever family they so choose or even make their own. My only exception is... OC's only. Playing the KHR cast would make you far too OP for everyone else's good. This is simply just a rough draft of what I have in mind. So any KHR fans interested?
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