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  1. I can't say exactly what will happen. I prefure a RP to evolve on its own. I will message as I can but my internet is really bad. I am up to anything in this time period, just mesage me. I'm also up for adding some fantasy in the story line as well.
  2. One idea I'd be up for is that we roleplay as the crew of a Viking raid ship/fleet. That'd be interesting.
  3. That sounds good I have to ask that it be a smaller crew simply becouse I have a hard time keeping up with a lot of different people.
  4. Sounds good to me.
  5. Alright PM me you characters.
  6. Before doing that, I'd suggest creating a thread and fleshing out the RP's premise/background story in order to attract other members. A character sheet would also be nice.
  7. Right sorry
  8. Sign ups are up