Open to anything! :3

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  1. hello! i'm itchin to start up a new RP with someone. ill write anything really but my favorites are modern/ futuristic/ fantasy/ yaoi/ yuri/ romance. i write for both male and female characters, my post length varies depending on my rp partners writing style. i try to keep the lengths similar. anyway, let me know if youre interested. :)
  2. I wouldn't mind doing a yaoi if you have some ideas as long as theirs a story instead of just all pervy stuff.
  3. lol yeah i like a base story too. i dont like writing just smut- it seems so pointless DX. what kind of plots and settings are you interested in?
  4. I'm not too picky, can do supernatural or normal, modern or midevil.
    I like more of a city or town type setting.
  5. hmm ok, would you be ok with a highschool type setting? obviously it's not going to revolve around just school though lol
  6. Yup, that's totally fine.

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