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  1. Looking for a 1x1 bro/sis rp partner once again! It'll be first come first serve. I don't care to do multiple ones, but the first character application I accept will be in threads, and everyone else will have to be in PMs.

    Please have decent grammar, and decent roleplaying skills! I'd like responses that move the plot along, and ones that not only describe actions but thoughts and feelings. However, not every post has to be perfect, as mine won't be either.

    This rp can be mature or clean, tell me in your character description. I thought the plot could be along the lines of the sister (my char) having an abusive boyfriend. One day while visiting her brother, he proposes he stays with her, and so she does. Later the boyfriend would obviously find out she's gone (something's going on if it's mature), etc. That's as far as I've gone.
    The cs will be up in a few!
  2. I'm down.
  3. Darn! Looked like I missed out. Love the idea though, PLEASE PM me if you need another partner for a brother/sister rp.
  4. Thanks @Cats! Do you care to post your cs on here (once I give you what you need to fill out) since we'll be doing it in threads?

    And thank you too @Link_Loftin! :) I will!
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  5. PM as well if you are ever looking for another partner. I would gladly join you!
  6. Shoot me a PM if you're still looking for partners for this pairing






    MANNERISMS (if any):

    KINKS (if mature):


    BACKGROUND INFO (can be brief):

  8. [​IMG]

    NAME: Peter Bridges

    AGE: 21

    SEXUALITY: Straight

    LIKES: Cats, Fishing, Hunting, working out, watching movies, and play video games.

    DISLIKES: Spicy foods, bugs, messiness, math, and the heat

    MANNERISMS (if any): Carries a large coin which he is always rolling over his knuckles.

    KINKS (if mature): (I'm making him a freak. I typed in kinks and picked the 3 that seemed weird to me.) Navel play, Saliva, Spanking.


    BACKGROUND INFO (can be brief): Peter and his sister have been close ,for as long as he can remember. So close that his sister was his very first kiss. Yes it is a bit strange that Peter kissed his sister on her mouth,and did other things, but could you blame him? His sister,(I'll put your character's name here when you post your CS.), is one of the hottest girls in the world. Any guy would be lucky if she even talked to them, but as the years passed by, Peter and his sister grew father apart. Peter knew that is was wrong that him and his sister would do naughty things together, that's was probably the reason why the two grew apart. More years pass by, and Peter and his sister hardly talk. One day Peter hears a knock on his door, and it's his sister. Peter let's his sister in the house, and his sister told him what happened. After hearing his sister's story, Peter says that she can stay with him for a week or two. (If any change is needed, just say so.)

    ANY EXTRA INFO: He has two cats, ninja and sally, and he loves them to death.

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  9. Thanks! Here's mine.



    (A mix of the two.)

    NAME: Audrey "Auds/Audy" Kayla Sandler

    AGE: 16

    SEXUALITY: Straight

    LIKES: Being happy, having comfort and support, people, life, laughing, having fun, reading, cuddling, hot chocolate, candy, her family

    DISLIKES: Bananas, being ignored, feeling/being left out or unwanted, crying, seeing the bad in things, exercise

    MANNERISMS (if any): Biting nails when she's nervous, uneasy, or hiding something.

    KINKS (if mature): Neck kisses, sweet talk, (sometimes) aggressiveness

    CLEAN OR MATURE RP: Up to you (N/A)

    BACKGROUND INFO (can be brief): Audrey has always been a bright soul to be around. People were always drawn to her, and she could like up a room in an instant with her energy. She's sixteen, but she seems to be timeless, never changing. Her life has been full of support and encouragement by her family, especially to have fun and try new things, which is probably why she tried something that was a mistake. She met the wrong guy, but she couldn't see the bad in him. All she saw was perfection, but her family saw otherwise. However, she would ignore them. That was until he became abusive, insulting, and blatantly dangerous. He would go as far as breaking her arm if he had the chance. Things aren't the same now, you'll come to see.

    ANY EXTRA INFO: Nothing I can think of at the moment.
  10. I'm confused now XD i thought your character was going to be an adult. I have to change my CS a little.
  11. Oh! I forgot to ask if you wanted mine to be an adult or not! xD
    Haha, I can change mine, it's all good!
  12. It's up to, I really don't mind if she's a teen or not.
  13. Still open, by the way!
  14. would love to work out a bro / sis role with you it is my favorite type of role play.
  15. Just a friendly reminder that if your RP does go the mature route, you may only write smut with other teen (blue star) members.

    You may want to change this ad to 'clean only' and advertise the adult option in Liberteen; it makes sure you only get mature requests from people you can say yes to, and avoids confusing browsers who are still learning the rules <3
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  16. Thank you! :) I've already gone over that with others who were interested, but is there a certain way I can copy this thread into the Liberteen section without copying and pasting everything? Thanks! :)
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  17. There's no repost option, no, good news is cut/paste is not hard or time consuming ;P
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