[OOC]: The Temple of the Soul Thief

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  1. Actual Roleplay

    For plot discussions, out-of-character remarks, questions, and concerns, and character notes you would like to keep for yourself.

    The basic idea for this is that a group of warlocks and witches found a hidden temple of sorts and during their exploration discovered a strange entity.

    The entity also has a brother in a similar temple, who is also opened to being played. He might not come in until later though.

    Other than that, this is opened to any plot twists, interpretations, and doubling/playing a diversity of characters who aren't warlock/witch.

    Please use the spoiler BB code (<spoiler></spoiler> but with brackets instead of arrows) when jotting down character notes.
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  2. Definitely would like to join!

    Just a bit confused by your post [MENTION=5236]Voodoo child[/MENTION], is Sonja a witch hunter? Just wanted to make sure before I typed something up.
  3. Yes and no. Do they slay witches? Yes. But they hunt various other abominations, though Sonja sorta dances on the line. She believes no demon, witch, werewolf, vampire, mutant, or beast is inherently evil as a whole. So she isn't a total bigot if you will.
  4. Noted! Now I just gotta work something up.
  5. Sorry guys, totally had a post mostly done and then the meteor shower started. Will post tomorrow. x3
  6. Ugh, work has been crazy. Working on my post now! :3
  7. [MENTION=5236]Voodoo child[/MENTION] [MENTION=5184]Silent4everBeatless[/MENTION]

    I'm confused, the spell was to light torches right? Not to block a path?
  8. I was as well, but assumed due to the temper that the flames would be roaring.
  9. Yes, the spell was to merely light the torches xD Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Roger ill fix it tonight.
  11. Sorry for the delay been busy will post asap.
  12. Fixed, sorry for the delay.
  13. Super, super sorry! I've been like crazy busy. I'm still here though! I'll have a post up by Wednesday the latest but I'm sure I can bust one out after work tomorrow.

    [MENTION=5236]Voodoo child[/MENTION] [MENTION=5184]Silent4everBeatless[/MENTION]
  14. It's fine xD I'm a ridiculously patient person ^^
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  15. Sorry! I didn't I'd take so long to reply!
  16. I replied; btw is the evil corrupting the temple set in stone? Or just a concept being worked on? Either way it does mirror Sonja's base story line enough to cause some exposition into her past. If not I'd like to add a character who may not be altering the original concept, but rather guiding and nourishing it.
  17. I have ideas behind the concept but not set in stone :) Go ahead and throw your other character in ^^
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