OoC: Samhir Boarding School for Juvenile Delinquents

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  1. All is well in our country.

    In the country of Ceiole, things are perfect. Citizens are happy, healthy, and safe under the rule of the Allmi family. They have ruled for eighteen generations, and made Ceiole a utopia for its citizens. Emperor Conlan Allmi ensures that the people are educated, employed, and content in any way that they need or want to be.

    And for the majority of people, this works. But there are still those who rebel and commit crime. Of course, they are captured, and taken away. Those who have graduated school are taken away to reeducation centers to relearn the values of Ceiole, and will do community service until they are sufficiently retrained to be a nonproblematic citizen.

    Juveniles, classified as those who have not yet finished school, are taken to Samhir Boarding School for Juvenile Delinquents. There, students will finish their education, as well go through a reeducation process. Theirs is slightly different, as these young people stay and learn to be guards for the Allmi family and protect them from dangers from other countries.

    It is rare for Samhir to school anyone younger than 15. Students that attend Samhir will stay, typically, until they are roughly 22, or whenever they are deemed ready to be a sufficient guard. There are no stories of students trying to escape the school, as it is on an island.

    This is the story of a group of students who tried to escape.

      1. Iwaku rules apply.
      2. Third person past tense.
      3. Keep language and content (e.g. gore, romance) relatively PG-13. If you have to question whether it's too much, play it safe and tone it down.
      4. Characters will be probably 15-20ish. Younger, hopefully they're not criminals yet; older, and they're probably just too far down the "be an Imperial Guard" route for this plot.
      5. No more than two characters per person.
      6. Rules (particularly IC) are subject to change as I think them up / they get pointed out to me. I'll announce it in OoC, but this is more of a warning.

        1. Breakfast is served 6AM-8AM. Lunch is 11AM-1PM. Dinner is 6PM-8PM. First serving for every meal is free.
        2. Curfew is 10PM. You must be in your dorm building by then. It is courteous to be in your rooms and quiet by 11PM until at least 5AM.
        3. Classes are between 9AM-3PM. There will be room in your schedule between 11AM-1PM for lunch. Classes are Monday through Friday.
        4. Though you are just given basic clothes when you arrive, you can earn credits to buy more personalized clothing- or extra food- by working for staff members outside of class, if you wish. This is optional.
        5. Textbooks, paper, pencils, and other basic school supplies are free. You must return your textbooks after the final for your class, but you may buy it at any point during the semester/year if you have the credits.
        6. Breaking of rules will result in detention, which will be at the discovering staff member's discretion. This will typically be unpaid work.
        7. Full Name:
          Brief History:

        8. Staff
          Mr. Zalez - Principal - NPC
          Ms. Emory - Vice Principal - NPC
          Mrs. Ayers - Math Teacher - NPC
          Mr. Trahan- Chemistry Teacher - NPC
          Dr. Farnham - Biology Teacher - NPC
          Dr. Sperling - Physics Teacher - NPC
          Mr. Marra - Language Teacher - NPC
          Mrs. Reali - History Teacher - NPC
          Mr. Traile - Art Teacher - NPC
          Mrs. Morrell - Gym Teacher - NPC
          Jane Phipps - Janitor - NPC
          Aaron Vignali - Janitor - NPC
          Riley Tully - Janitor - NPC

          Rhonwen Agrona Godo - upscalerat
          Ezekiel "Zeke" Daniel Siebens - upscalerat
          Emelia Ava Rair - Moogle-Girl
          Randolph Leroc Smithen - Finhawk
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  2. RHONWEN, green
    Full Name: Rhonwen Agrona Godo

    Age: 17

    Birthday: March 3, 1815

    Sex: Female

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Rhonwen is a short and skinny young woman, which gives off the impression that she's younger than she is. Her blonde hair is usually kept in a braid, and reaches to the bottom of her shoulders while braided. Rhonwen is fair-skinned, and has a few light freckles scattered over her whole body.

    Brief History: The Godos have been citizens of Cieole for generations. They have been good citizens, and Rhonwen's parents never really understood what they did wrong that lead to Rhonwen being so distrustful of the government. When the girl was fourteen, she started acting up. Her family managed to contain it for a couple of years, until she tried to run off to a neighboring country illegally. She was caught and sent to Samhir.

    ZEKE, blue
    Full Name: Ezekiel "Zeke" Daniel Siebens

    Age: 17

    Birthday: April 19, 1815

    Sex: Male

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Zeke is thin and lanky. He's average in height, but slouches enough to give off the impression that he's shorter than he is. He has short dirty blonde hair that poofs and defies gravity in the front. Zeke's skin gives off the impression that he has never seen much sunlight and could do with a healthy doze of it. He has virtually no marks on his skin.

    Brief History: The Siebens immigrated to Cieole, legally, just in 1804, from the neighboring country of Peuton. Zeke grew up hearing about how the two countries were different, and grew up more in the Peuton culture than in the Cieolen culture. He and his parents were never received well and eventually, words turned to push turned to shove. Though Zeke claimed he was defending himself, his attackers ended up in a healing ward while he walked away, resulting in being sent to Samhir.​
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  3. I am going to try and get some bios up for this soon, I've just been busy.
    School starts back up Monday, so life is starting to get hectic again.
  4. Sure- glad you're still interested!
  5. Hup, I almost forgot about this. I'll have a bio up as soon as I can.
  6. Sorry about the delay! D:

    Full Name: Emelia Ava Rair

    Age: 19

    Birthday: November 3

    Sex: Female

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Emelia is of average height, with a slender frame. Straight black hair that reaches down her shoulders complements her pale skin, and wide eyes and full lips make her face very expressive. Her light skin makes her susceptible to sunburn, so there are usually a few freckles around her forehead, cheeks, and shoulders. She carried a purse full of makeup before being sent to Samhir, but lately she's had to go natural, much to her irritation.

    Brief History: Emelia grew up incredibly spoiled. Her mother gave her everything she wanted when she wanted it, making her rather prone to tantrums; her frequent misbehavior made her father worry, but she was acting within the law and they assumed she would grow out of it as she got older. Naturally, that didn't happen. Her selfish, petty attitude made her turn to assault and theft to get her more stuff, and it wasn't long before she was caught and sent off to Samhir.
  7. Accepted! Sorry about my delay about getting back to you- I sort of slept through yesterday.
  8. Hey, I'm be interested in joining this if that's okay. I'd just need to piece a CS together.
  9. Of course, you're totally welcome!
  10. Yay, here's this thing. :D​


    Full Name:
    Randolph Leroc Smithen, better known as Randy


    February 23, 1814



    Randy has a lean body with fairly pale skin and he's just a tad under the average height. His body isn't really built to look intimidating but he makes up for it with an attitude. Randy's dark hair reaches the nape of his neck and is always slicked back. Under the clothes, he has a few scars criss-crossing his back.

    Brief History:
    The Smithen family was never any of the most loyal citizen there was. Randy's father was unpredictable, rash and no one's favorite person while his mother was downright paranoid, sporting all sorts of conspiracy theories but only sharing them with a chosen few. Randy ended up inhering traits from both of his parents, ever since he was a kid, the boy was impulsive and doubted everything he was told. Eventually, at the age of 16, he snapped when a classmate of his was pretty much giving a speech on how great the country and the Allmi family were and Randy simply threw a punch at the boy without any consideration or warning whatsoever. To make matters worse, he more or less announced his distrust in the government. Naturally, the onlookers and the boy he had assaulted disagreed strongly and the argument turned physical in no time. The fight was broken off and since Randy had started it and clearly needed to be taught a few lessons about their country, he was sent to Samhir.​
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