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  1. Hello everyone,

    this thread is only for posting your character. Any other discussion is held there. You also find all the information on that site as well.

    Information for players before you post your character alias RULES:

    1. Make you character sheet according to my character, don't miss out anything please
    2. Students are accepted to school at the age from 17/18 till 21/22
    3. Students study only 4 years at the school
    4. Use description with you appearance picture because it will be something that other players will have to work with once they'll meet your character
    5. If you are away for a long time please let us know so that we can consider waiting for you or not (depends on what your character will be doing at that point)

    And here we go.

    Name: Gabriel Perkins
    Nickname: Gabe
    Age: 21
    Year: 4th year


    Gabriel is 189 cm tall. His body is athletic yet not too muscular. When he doesn't have to wear a school uniform he usually wears some smart looking clothes. Ocassionally, he wears glasses.
    Personality: he can be pretty much anything, from quiet person to party animal. However, most of the times he is talkative, protective and really good observer. He is also smart, kind and gives helping hand to who needs it.
    Gabriel's family was always wealthy though if you meet any of them on the street or get the chance to talk to them, you wouldn't say so. Being in private school is something that Gabe is used to. He was brought up to be tolerant, respectful. During his life he met a lot of different people and it gave him the desire and idea of studying psychology what he is doing right now in the private school. When he found out what was going on around him there, he got upset and wanted to change the situation. It is believed that he is the former leader of Guides and that he is the founder of the school police, though no-one knows for sure.
    Additional: none yet

    Once we're all posted here I am going to make IC and we can start our game! If you have any question ask me ;)
  2. My turn~ ^_^

    Name: Autumn Kreyll
    Nickname: None.
    Age: 19
    Year: 2nd year
    Appearance: 67e76333d7a46913c305c024523b023acde56ffc.jpg
    Personality: A quiet soul, Autumn spends most of her time making friends with only the characters in books. Not much of a social butterfly, she spends her time outdoors often, usually in a park under a tree with a stack of books beside her.
    Biography: Sent to the private academy by her mother, in hopes of it being a tight knit community where she could finally make friends, Autumn had no choice but to carry on the wishes of her mother (where she tried to fix the mistakes of her past through her daughter.) Autumn was raised only by her mother after her father passed away prematurely after getting mugged while on his way home from work by men only out to steal a bit of change to afford another round of whiskey. Since that tragic day, Autumn lost hope in society being a good place, and turned to the characters in fiction novels to be her company. Because a story always had a happy ending, right?
    Additional: She is indeed, the transfer student.

    Name: Nydia West
    Nickname: Nyd
    Age: 20
    Year: 3rd year
    Appearance: e2d6c9685e5070641f0526e8ac069f461e75479a.jpg
    Personality: Growing up being 100% right in no matter what situation came before her, Nydia seemed to be the lucky charm that everyone wanted to be around. However, her cold shoulder left every begger in the dust, as she picks and chooses the people she decides to be around very carefully. If it's not to her advantage, she could care less about whatever it is.
    Biography: The only daughter of a business tycoon, Nydia grew up as the baby of her three older brothers. However, that set the expectation bar very low for her from the very beginning. She would go to business meetings with her father as a child, until he expressed his wish for her to be a bride instead of a business woman. Growing up surrounded by her father's company, it was the only thing she knew, and wanted to do -- not the lame "women must only marry and raise a family" crap. She wanted to become the one to take after the family business, and prove her father that she was just as good as her older brothers, who already worked under their father as co-owners. Ever since, she has done nothing but try to please her father through her academics.
    Additional: None so far.
  3. Sorry, didn't realise it was up. I thin kI should have my CS up soon.
  4. I'm closoing this thread because we don't have enough players. Those who promised to join didn't keep their promises.
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