OOC Gender Preferences in RPs

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I'm kind of an odd duck in this convo cuz I'm one of those weird people that just assume I'm roleplaying with a female unless someone specifically states otherwise. I genuinely have no idea where I get this mind set from but there you go. I mean it's not that I have anything against roleplaying with guys - I don't do Libertine roleplays which would be the only instance where I might get a bit uncomfortable. I mean I guess if I had to brass tacks pick a gender preference I'd say girls but that's just because I feel like girls are kind of chattier than guys maybe? I'm one of those people that like to really get to know my partners out of the roleplay. I'll talk to them rant about real life - go on random tangents - honestly I'm my own stereotype.

But yeah in my experience guys tend to be more about - we're doing this - we're doing that - and bam let's roleplay.

Not to say every guy is like that. My RP senpai way back when I was an illiterate sue creature was a guy a few years older than me that was hella patient and walked me through how to roleplay like a grown person who could write. Also got me into comics which is awesome.

And he was never like creepy or anything - like I said super nice.

So it's not like I have this horrible preconceived thing where I think guys are only after the nasty - no lie a friend of mine refuses to roleplay with guys for exactly that reason. I'm like gurlfriend. Not every guy be wantin' to be doin' the inappropriate. Hell the most aggressive solicitation I ever got was from a woman so go figure.

But yeah um this is probably not very useful. Sorry it's really late right now.

Short recap _ I usually only roleplay with chicks but this is not a requirement. As long as you don't mind me being a rambly weirdo we'll probably get along awesome whether your a chick, a dude, or a sentient poodle
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