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  1. Out side:[​IMG] Sign says Clare time Party Time Instade for Solar XD.

    Ok rules for characters

    1. No characters under the age of 17 can be in this club *shakes head* I will not allowed you in my club understand
    2. no gods. demi gods go for it I have a friend that's a demi god ^^
    3. No fighting here ether. I hate fights!
    4. want to be a worker at the bar or a dj or whatever make a character sheet and say what job you want and you have it ^^ unless I say other wise!
    5. MAKE A CHARACTER SHEET!!! because this is a club want this so my bounder can say your on the list. we have a list!

    Character Sheet
    (Look like)

    Name: Clare
    Age: 20
    race: Human
    extra: Clare is the Boss what she says goes got it ok happy people happy people!

    Name: Chi
    Age: 21
    race: Demon
    extra: Bartender. that's it that's all.

    Name: Dark
    Age: 20
    race: Shiftier. (changes race whenever)
    extra: DArk works down stairs In the Hush Hush room al. she wound't mind someone coming down there to talk to!

    HOPE YOU WILL PARTY WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.