[OOC Chat] The Vampire and His Musician (putputtersXequinoxsol)

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  1. JUST TO REITERATE, I'M NOT REQUESTING A PARTNERRR. The thread requires a prefix, but unfortunately there's no "OCC Chat" prefix.

    So as not to leave this awkwardly blank, I'll post some stuff about Theo.

    Name: Theodor Deigel
    Race: Vampire
    Occupation: One of the star managers of Hot Shot Entertainment Agency.
    Hair Color: Black (Length up to waist)
    Eye color: Red
    General Traits: Manipulative, Intelligent, Predatory, Sadistic.
    General Description: Loves to tease (especially Harper), somewhat two-faced (business "human" VS sadistic vamp), doesn't really understand music (though, he's starting to, with Harper around), doesn't really care for humans (Harper, being the exception).
    BG: Vampire from Europe (probably) who came to wherever he's currently at (are we in the US, EquinoXSol? XD I don't even know). He had a younger brother who was killed by humans and has never known his parents, who presumably died in battle (against other vamps or against humans, I dunno :D).