[OOC Chat] Christmas Eve Masquerade (putputtersxfliris)

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  1. Just so this isn't empty, I'mma gonna post about Landon. :D
    ALSO, TO REITERATE, I'M NOT REQUESTING A PARTNER. A prefix is required and there's no "OOC Chat" prefix existing lol.

    Occupation: College Student
    Income: Well, he comes from a rich family, so...
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    General traits: Kind, gentle, intelligent.
    General description: Likes to tease, tries to be a gentleman, and likes Ella. XD Although he's rich everything, he's not really arrogant or obnoxiously prideful. Generally down-to-earth.
    BG: Comes from a rich family, goes to a prestigious college.