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  1. May contain disturbing scenes of deaths, drugs, candy overloads, and berserk rages.

    Currently Accepting Characters!​


    Candy Land: A place in where candy is sold to all.
    A place in where children roam.
    A place where sweet desires are satisfied.
    Especially the price of death.

    "We are all your friends. Welcome to Candy Land." Once you see the kid on TV get in the line to get his admission ticket, it may give you a chill or wondering what happens next just thinking about it. Then, the sun suddenly comes down too quick and begins to rain. It was like the kid got drenched for a bit before the sun comes back.

    Then, your TV screen suddenly shows cartoon characters on circus buggies and sees them riding on the candy-coated rides and then getting fat over chocolate. Some would get sick. Some would laugh and say, "I told you so!" Little do you know, YOU would be the next to take the tour to Candy Land.

    However, Daliah (Daria/your guide) will warn you: One will be dead soon. One may face untimely and TIMED death. (This will be fudged up when you hear her outside.)

    Procedure: One morning on December 30, 2525, you are bored and decide to watch something on the telly, colorful scene box, aquarium, or whatever you call it. There comes a television show in where it talks about a beautiful magical place. “Oh, shit... it's fucking Disney World!” You might think or “Wow, that's totally cool!”

    One day, your dream comes true, and you get to explore in a world of treats and swirls for the first time. It's a magical place in your opinion, and you would love to control the Earth with candies. Others would just puke at its presence. Now, there's a free admission, and for the Chosen ones: there are free rides. However, even with the offer one cannot exist, there's always a price to pay when in doubt. The price can be your luck... OR YOUR LIFE.


    I Keep in mind that you can LIE whatever you wish. In fact, lying is encouraged. Just make sure that all the accurate information is sent to me. We can decipher your lies if you do this beforehand. You can also cover up or screw up things in your history, but tell us what you really did via PM. You don't have to go and nudge that you lied as long as you give out your true history. Vague histories may be in for questioning. I also like those who are honest. Therefore: TRUST NO ONE IN THIS ROLE PLAY. Don't trust what you read! However, we ain't gonna whip your ass or nothin' if you scream like a bitch.

    II It's Candy Land and you can have fun. You can also be assholes and get kicked out of the park (better than dying, right? There's always a way back). As the tourist said before, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN OPEN DOOR FOR DEATH. With this being said, I expect you to have some common sense. With that stated, you might wish to create more than one character. You can play up to four regular characters in this role play. That's right, kids! You get only four tickets to play, and it may be less for others. Your four characters do not have to have a relationship. In fact, let them duel and be rivals! Yes! This is like a contest in where you are vying for your life!

    III Try not to overlap abilities and talents with other characters. Read all posted sheets to ensure avoiding this issue. If that happens a bit (and there's a lot), try doing something original or keep it as a RTG (Reveal Through Game—IC thread).

    IV There's a limited number of people needed. We'll close the doors for newcomers once I have the preferred amount of participants. Based on popularity and the amount of players we get, there may be another chance for you hanging out there!

    V Upon character death, you are NOT permitted to make a new character. If the character dies, they're done. Once the IC starts, you are not allowed to make new characters without permission. If you do get permission, I might say “No”.

    Why I'm so Serious? Once you die (open)


    VI If you are new to the game or have been inactive for a while, there will be exceptions (because I would have killed your old character if you're the latter). If the role play gets recycled, and you're a previous member, you will be asked to make a new character. If you die, you have the option of controlling your remaining characters or drop out. If you only make one, it's game over dude (refer to the hidden clip atop of this rule, PLEASE). NOTE: Newbies must PM me your CS first.

    VII You're all playing as regular people, idiots and/or prodigies. Be who you are. Note that this is a semi-serious/realistic role play. I expect some form of unique talent/twists from you guys. As long as the content stays within the website Rules and it is (somewhat) realistic, go ahead and do whatever you want.

    VIII UNLESS IF I STATE OTHERWISE, YOU ARE ALL HUMANS. Some magic is allowed, but under moderation. We are in a modern setting but in a different dimension. Make sure your characters have SOME sense of realism. They can't have twenty katanas or seventy wives in the game. Additionally, your characters MUST be at least thirteen years (unless if they are inhuman) or older to qualify. Unless if you give me permission, Don't play a half-human/half-ghost hybrid or something like that!

    IX Just because the role play's serious does not mean you can't go crazy! Do it! I dare you! However, it doesn't mean you can goof off too much.

    X I EXPECT A PARAGRAPH IN THIS GAME! You have to be descriptive here.

    XI You MUST have special consent (PM me + must meet posting minimum) to control a staff member. Note that unless you tell me not to, I can also control your character at ANY TIME if you play a staff member of Candy Land. The awesome part for those who hate to play as regular people would be that they can be of any species. They can have any superpowers as long as they can be written out without god-modding.

    Name: (your full name; First, Middle and Last/Middle names are optional.)
    Gender: (Self-explanatory, kiddos~)
    Age: (at least 13 years old; must have either an NPC or a companion; little kids are gold)
    Birthday: (Your character must be 13 or above to play the game.)
    Blood type: (Self-explanatory)

    Species: (Only if you are playing a staff member; most are youkai or other kinds of monsters/aliens.)

    Appearance: (You must include a semi-realistic (can be wonderfully drawn anime--NO MAINSTREAM!!) ~ Real life picture for your character.)

    FORMER APPEARANCE: (The actual description of your character's appearance. Height and weight must go here too.)

    Personality: (What is your character like?)
    History: (Your back story. Make it long or short--doesn't matter. Feel free to bluff or cover up important parts as long as you tell me via PM!!)

    Inventory/Luggage: (List all the items you brought with you on this trip. Anything not here, you don't have. You may wish to add inventory if you wish.)

    Secret: Do not include this anywhere in your sheet. Give it to me, and ONLY me via PM!

    Blood Type:

    Appearance: (picture here)




    Apple Jack
    Sex: Male
    Species: Scarecrow Yokai
    Description: Welcomes you to the Apples N' Oranges land with Candy and caramel apples in his hand. He can get a little crazy!

    Sex: Female
    Species: Human (or is she?)
    Description: Dalia controls all the rides of the park and predicts whom dies first. She does not trust anyone.

    Sir Parsnip Joe
    Sex: Male
    Species: Turnip (I am serious)
    Description: He was turned into a turnip after eating a turnip lollipop (at the gift shop)

    Accepted Characters
    None yet~! It may hopefully be very soon~!

    R.I.S. (Rest in Sweets)
    Life is sweet, death is bitter... Bittersweet chocolates, anyone~?​


    OOC (01/25/13) --> The OOC is now open for others to join in the games~! Come on!
    OOC (01/27/13)--> The Provided Characters will be here once again! Some info you will have to fill yourself!

    IC: To come later
  2. So any NPC from the actual candy land game able to pop up? ;D

    (Reserved for a spot if you don't mind. My phones battery is low right now.)
  3. Yes!
    And you have a maximum of 72 hours to get your character up. If you need extension, tell me so.