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  1. Arcane Fracture: The Dark Dawn


    The world, as it was before, has ended.

    The skies are dark, the land is barren save for hardy shrubs and much of the world's ties to the Æther, the source of all magic, has been severed. Men and beasts alike toil endlessly, if only to live for a single day more. Magicians, blamed for the misfortune that maimed the world, are exiled, ostracized and executed mercilessly. Other magical creatures, like the Fae and the Dragonkin have retreated from the world. Others like the Orcs, Ogres and other more barbaric creatures have turned downright monstrous, relentlessly hunting Elfkin and Mankind as a source of easy food.

    It all began with one man with a grand ambition. Fenris the Bane, as he has gone down in the annals of history, was the notorious leader and general that lead the Queln Empire's conquest of numerous nations through the use of war magic. Yet the great general was bound to meet his match. For days, the battle raged on the plains that surrounded the capital city, stronghold and citadel of the Lynel Kingdom. The ground was stained crimson, the stench of burning flesh filled the air, and all around, there was an almost palpable thrum of magic being wielded in increasingly elaborate ways.

    After nine days of getting nowhere, Fenris called upon the pooled power of his entire legion of battlemagi. In a final, desperate bid for victory, he and his court of magicians called forth from the heavens a rain of burning rock. It quickly became apparent that the spell had gone out of control when only moments after the incantation, the entire world's skies wept fire and brimstone. Amidst the screams of unfortunate mortals caught out in the inferno, the tremendous magics unleashed created a powerful arcane backlash that not only affected nearly all of the world's magical population, but also severed almost all ties of the world to the Æther.

    Wizards who had only moments ago been fit as fiddles dropped to the floor dead. They had it easier than others who fell to their knees, screaming in excruciating agony, unleashing all sorts of uncontrolled magic before the life was finally, mercifully, seized from their spent bodies.

    This is how the world ended. How a world once teeming with life became a barren, inhospitable wasteland. Now, thirty years from the cataclysm, the dregs of society are only just beginning to rebuild. What no one realizes, is that the magic so extremely abhorred by any and all who remember the events of that fateful day, is much more vital to the world than they think.

    Your task, whether you know it or not, is to restore magic, to restore life to the dead world.

    The Plot (open)

    You are a character living in a small community that's barely scraping by day by day. Nearly everyone is gaunt, humorless and serious. You can't blame them, living has been hard, and there's little time for enjoyment. Food is dwindling, a storm is gathering, and bandits are prowling about in your territory. The community has decided that perhaps it's time to pack up and move to better lodgings.

    You were among the few that were sent to scout ahead, not knowing what lies ahead. All you know, and even this is based on rumor, is that there are ruins of an old city in the direction you set off on. Nevertheless, these first steps will set you down the journey to redeeming or condemning your world.

    The Setting (open)

    The world is a barren, lifeless wasteland. What more is there to it than hard-packed, cracked dirt and a few hardy shrubs here and there? Once-great forests are now small, densely wooded areas bearing nothing more than the gnarled, lifeless husks of trees, forever petrified, seeming to be clawed hands reaching futilely for the skies. Rivers are shallow, murky and slow-flowing. Lakes are basically non-existent. It is the same all over the world. Remaining fragments of magically augmented technology sparsely litter the landscape, generally avoided by any and all men except when they were known to help in some way.

    Hazardous Zones (open)

    In some areas, only one element or aspect of the remaining magic in the world exists. These areas are extremely unbalanced, volatile even. Depending on the magic present, these areas can range from continually flooding plains to tornado-infested valleys to plains of glass caused by continues, unabating strikes of lightning. It is highly dangerous and practically suicide to enter one of these zones without at least a little training in magic.

    Dead Zones (open)

    Dead zones are just that. There is absolutely no magic in these areas. Without magic, the lifeblood of the world, nothing can grow, no matter how hard one tries. On the upside, magic does not work in these zones. They can provide sanctuary from renegade magicians, albeit temporary sanctuary.

    The Races (open)

    The Hostiles (open)

    The Bandits (open)

    Some of the remaining people simply do not wish to live the farmer's life and would rather take most, if not all of their sustenance from others. They can often take advantage of smaller communities, but larger communities can fend them off unless they have a mage among their ranks. In which case, practically no one can stand against them.

    Renegade Magicians (open)

    Magicians that sometimes travel in groups of two or three, capable of spreading terror by abusing their power to get a hold of whatever they need. Even bandits shrink away from them in fear as these magicians are capable of great feats (albeit much smaller feats than they could've accomplished had the connections to the Æther not been severed.). Some renegade magicians are, on the other hand, quite friendly while remaining aloof. If they take kindly to a community, they may just chase bandits lingering around the area off, in exchange for food and other commodities.

    Orcs (open)

    These once-docile yet decidedly grotesque creatures have, under pressure of dwindling food, have turned to the remaining human populace as a source of easy food. The less intelligent creatures, like the Orcs and Ogres prefer head-on assault on settlements, and can quite easily be fended off. Goblins and hostile Dwarves on the other hand, can wait in ambush, therefore great care must be taken while foraging.

    The Friendlies (open)

    Humans (open)

    Probably the most physically affected of the races, humans require lots of food to sustain themselves. This often leads to disputes. Without the elves with whom they live mutually, the humans might probably not be able to create suitable settlements. They are often very distrustful of people other than the ones that live within the same community, treating all outsiders like bandits unless otherwise proven.

    Elves (open)

    These tall, fair, beautiful creatures have seemingly grown tired, more frail than they were before the cataclysm. They are calm and level-headed. They need less food than humans, but they need food all the same. Many have entered a mutual agreement with the humans. A lot of elves live with human communities to better the chances of everyone at surviving, especially since the elves know a lot about foraging and cultivation.

    The Neutral Parties (open)

    The Dragons (open)

    The Dragons, second only to the Fae, are the most magically attuned beings in the world. The severing of ties to the Æther has affected them profoundly and their populations are rapidly dwindling. They have gone into hiding, save for the one or two individuals that have gone into a fit of unbridled fury against the humans and their petty bickerings that they believe were the cause of the entire world's suffering. Many would be hard-pressed to prove otherwise.

    The Fae (open)

    The fragile, elegant creatures of the forest. They are the most magically attuned race in existence. When the backlash of magic that severed ties to the Æther resonated around the world, a lot of them simply dropped dead. What few of them that remain have mostly sworn off contact with the humans whom they consider vile and unworthy of their lot in life. Others, though, believe that humans, though they destroyed it in the first place, are also the key to the restoration of the world.

    Character Bios (open)

    Race: Human or Elf
    Appearance: A picture is alright
    Short History:
    Role in the Community: Hunter/Gatherer | Scout | Tool/Weaponsmith | Healer/Physician | Warrior

    NOTE: Characters are not allowed to be magicians. Somewhere down the line, I will choose characters ( 1 or 2 ) that will have latent magical abilities. Until then, all characters are considered mundane mortals.
  2. 123 (2).jpg
    Jaalia Nyael

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female
    Appearance:Sorry it's in black and white...Anyways, she has dark brown hair, worn as you see in the picture, and glassy green eyes, like blown glass, almost.
    Short History: Her mother dying when she was young, Jaalia lived with her father most of her life, who gave her everything she had wanted, even if he knew they couldn't afford it. Luckily, she didn't want much, only her father's time and love, which he willingly gave. When she was in her late teens, her father fell ill, and there was no cure to be found. She volunteered to scout ahead to new territory when the chance arose to see if there might be something-anything really- that could somehow help him, even if all it did was dull his pain.
    Personality: After having taken care of her sickly father for the last four years, Jaalia has had hardly any time to herself, and doesn't truly know who she is and what she wants. As such, she is often indecisive when someone asks her opinion upon something, unless it pertains to someone else. While she tends to act arbitrary, her actions all have some semblance of reason within them.
    Role in the Community: She was a scavenger, heading outside of the town to kill anything that moved and bring it back. When she would bring back food, she'd be celebrated, but when times were harder than normal, she was called a curse upon the land.

    Hope it's okay, you left out a bit of information that could have been helpful ^^"
  3. Name: Susana Dell
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human

    Appearance: Long straight black hair frames an angular face with deep set blue eyes. Her stature is slightly below average and her body is very fit, though to her lament not nearly as curvy as most women. She does herself some disservice in that regard because her features are enough that it would be difficult to mistake her for a boy.

    Short History: The wizard Dell was enjoying his splendid life in the costal city of Carsikan when the world seemed to go crazy. The sky rained fire and stone and the magic he held, that he had captivated, held, tempered and honed went insane. Before it consumed him he activated one last spell, a spell to protect his wife and unborn children. Without it she would have died in the magical backlash as well.

    In a desolated world Rachael gave birth to one child, the other stillborn. Broken hearted twice she tried to give her only child all the love and protection she could, but she was a broken woman, often plagued by exhaustion and sickness. Susana at a young age learned to fend for herself as her mother was only barely able to care for herself. Fortunately they ended up traveling with others and eventually were excepted into a community that formed after the cataclysm.

    Over the years Susana has learned many odd jobs, one of them is recognizing poisons and being able to lead scout parties away from them, and bring them to healers since the line between medicine and poison is often about dosage. As for her personal life, she's never been able to quite settle down, there's too much to do and no one seems up to the challenge of meeting her half way. Then again maybe she's been keeping anyone who might be able to at bay.

    Personality: Bold, loud, outgoing and the first to volunteer. Despite the bleak world she was born in she still holds out hope for the future. That said, she is not always sunshine and rainbows. When she is quiet, there is likely a tempest inside brewing, for all she really shows is a facade of carefree. She is more thoughtful then most people think, but she doesn't like to show that, so when she slips that means something big.

    Role in the Community: Forager, specializing in medical herbs, and back up scout.
  4. Great character Ocha.

    EquinoxSol, your character is also wonderful. However, I am quite curious what information you are looking for, just so that I might include it.
  5. Oh it was little things really like the various roles in said community. I can't remember what the other ones were ^^"
  6. Ahh. I am sorry for that. I simply assumed that the roles were self-explanatory. I will update the first post with possible roles.
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