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So I is Spiderbunny, and I is mahself and I leik bunnies and Spiderwolf ish awesome and showed me this har thingo site. I RP and I like making friends. My favorite color is pink, but I like all colors, I like to learn lots of things and I write, draw, and lots of other things. I'm an optimistic, I love rain, but can't stand snow, ice, or the cold, and I'm pretty easy to get along with. <3 Rawr! And thus I say HELLO PEOPLEZ!
I love the rain too, but I also love snow, ice, and the cold! My thoughts go, I'd rather be cold than HOT. It's easy to wrap up in a blanket, it's a pain in the ass to get naked infront of the fridge.

WELCOME TO IWAKU! Where the grass is green and girls are pretty! ( OH WON'T YOU PLEASE TAKE ME HOOOOMMMEEE... )
Oi! Greetings there new person who still have a blackened name thing!

I am here to greet you and welcome you to Iwaku.

Which I am terrible at so you have to wait until a better tour guide comes along!

Welcome to the site.
*narrows eyes* Real life bunnies, RIGHT?!

Won't tolerate no anime bunny lovers heer *spits in the dirt, quite racistly*

Welcome to Iwaku, grovel for Asmo. :3
God damn radioactive spiders running loose..


*raises fist*
*narrows eyes* Real life bunnies, RIGHT?!

Won't tolerate no anime bunny lovers heer *spits in the dirt, quite racistly*

Welcome to Iwaku, grovel for Asmo. :3

We shall respect all members the same way we want them to respect us, no matter what they want to be.

*Glares at Khang*
Hi there Bunny made of Spiders!

Which... now that I think of it... Bunnys and Wolves made of Spiders is really really creepy. c___c;

I think... I'm just going to sneak back over there. .__.;
Does anyone remember SpiderPorn? Or did she even make it here? She was supposed to be RPing with me and Dragonnova (who is never aorund either *stomp*) but our times zone and net times never seemed to match.

I often contemplate stealing her screen name, though...

Welcome to Iwaku SpiderBunny. Your name gives me happy feelings.

OMGorfle- DIANA YOUR AVATAR IS FIZGIG! I REMEMBER FIZGIG! Fomr like...when I was kneehigh to a duck and stuff...
Well welcome to Iwaku Spiderbunny!! Hmmm rain = awesome. And once you get enough posts be wary of the Cbox like seriously I'm not kidding. It isn't for the light hearted XD
Yes, it seems my new avatar is terrorizing people all over the forums! XD

If you like pink (a shade of red) you should totally join the Cult of Red! Just be sure to use a red color in the cbox if you do so. We look forward to seeing you there!
Welcome :)

Lemme know if you need help getting around ! :D
*Cloroforms Slyen, and pokes Spiderbunny with a Power Fist*

Is it... alive?
*looks for awhile at the introductory post*



Call someone, the english language has been murdered. (Just kidding. The name's Pirogeth or Piro for short. Enjoy your stay here.)

Writing in the Moonlight,