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  1. Hello. I'm OntosChalmer. Call me Ontos.

    I've been basically out of RPing for long time, but I'm looking for 1 or 2 partners for RPing.

    1. Generally, I prefer to communicate with some form of instant messenger for OOC conversation. Not compulsory, but very useful.
    2. I live in a GMT+8 timezone. ><
    3. I'm interested in MxF or FxF pairings. If you do have a good plot about anything else, I wouldn't mind hearing you out, though.
    Some pairing ideas:

    Student/Student (in an urban fantasy setting)
    Tribal Character/'Civilised' Character (medieval fantasy setting)
    Transgender Student/Student (either trans or cis)
    Supernatural Creature/Human

    I don't have any real plot ideas at the moment.
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  2. I would be interested. I have a plot that I have been trying to get off the ground, and we could tie in the supernatural/human theme that you would like. :) I usually reply at least once a day, and more that one paragraph at a time. Preferably 3-4 but I base my posts on what I am given.
  3. Hey, I'm interested! for IM chat, I have a Skype that I can add you on, for OOC and even RP, if you'd like.
    I'm into RPs based in fantasy settings, be it modern/urban or medieval, but fantasy doesn't have to be a strong element. student/student in an urban fantasy setting and supernatural creature/human pique my interest!

    I'm not entirely sure on any plot ideas, but I'd love to brainstorm.
  4. Sent you a PM, Cerebellumonster.
  5. I'm interested in rping with you if you're still looking :)
  6. Which idea interests you?
  7. The supernatural creature / human
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