Only One Will Win

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  1. The Game
    3-7 players. As soon as the first player rolls The Dice, the players will be transported into the mansion The Game Board is based upon with only The Dice, their Game Piece, and the clothes on their back. Players cannot escape the house, only complete The Game. Punishments and rewards will show up on the Base of the game piece in words.

    Pieces: Red, Yellow (crushed), Green, Blue, Purple, Orange (broken), White (Burnt)
    Rules of The Game:
    • Only one Dice roll per tern unless The Board states otherwise.
    • Any attempt at cheating will result in a Punishment.
    • Any attempt to avoid game play will result in a Punishment.
    • Punishments may only be traded if both players agree to the trade.
    • Rewards may not be shared.
    • A Punishment may not be shared unless The Board states otherwise.
    • Rewards may not be shared unless The Board states otherwise.
    • A player may only Forfeit if they can no longer roll The Dice.
    • A forfeit player will begin again at start if they become able to roll The Dice.
    • The Game may not be stopped until The Game is won.
    (When you complete your "roll" while rping you get the choice to choose a punishment, a reward or neither. I will play the role of The Game Board and chose what the punishments and rewards are but they will be random so you can't blame me if you get a sucky one.)

    Character Descriptions:

    Chrysta (Red Piece)- 19, in college. Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, glasses. Shy and bubbly. Wants to make some new friends. Found the game at a yard sale and wanted to play it, so she put up an invite in the dorms to see who'd come.

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  2. Maybe try explaining something about the game? I currently have NO IDEA at all if it's going to be fun or not.