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  1. "Jade, Jade...wake up!" Alice said.
    Jade's eyes opened, she jolted out of bed and grabbed a knife from under her pillow. "Get away!" she cried out slashing wildly in the air.
    Alice grabbed her wrist, "'s just me..." she then smiled "and don't worry i'm not infected."
    Jade rolled her eyes, "what do you want Alice?" she asked then faced the dresser which has a small blue clock on it. "It's five in the morning, can't it wait?" she grumbled and pulled the covers over her head.
    "No it can't," she said and pulled the covers away. "Someone might be willing to take you across country to the medical center!"
    Jade grumbled and sat up. She was wearing a shirt and boxer shorts. "Why did it have to be me that ended up having a secrect to the cure?"
    Alice headed towards the door, "it's better than being one of the infected" she said.
    Jade slumped over to her drawers and rummaged through them. "Just for once I would like to sleep in, I mean c''s my 14th birthday I should be able to once in a while."
    Alice gave her a look as Jade pulled out some worn jeans that she's been searching for. "Here it is" she said.
    "Hello, someones waiting on you! Hurry up!" Alice snapped.
    "Okay, okay!" Jade began and struggled to slip her Jeans on.
    Alice walked out the door as Jade buttoned up her jeans and grabbed her socks and shoes, following her friend barefoot.

    Its been 20 years since the infected attacked. The disease known as Biowire first popped up in crops from around the world then to anyone who ate them. There is a way to prevent your crops from being contaminated but the crops that aren't infected belong to the government which gives the world small amounts while they have most of them. Nobody knows where the government is so they aren't able to attack, nor do they have the technology to track them. Instead their only hope for the humans survival is a girl named Jade, she was bitten a month ago and still lives today. Usually when your bit it takes a day or two to turn, but she was special. They needed two people to escort her on this journey and the Rebellion who was fighting for freedom instead of curfrews and small food amounts (like the governments enforcing) are willing to do anything it takes to bring the girl to their medical team across the United states, even if they have to work with outsiders in order to do so.
  2. In the other room there stood a boy he <i>looked</I> out the window with a sigh of impatience, he could hear the commotion and he was tempted to just go into the other room where the one he was suppose to aid dwelled.

    His pale blue eyes searched the room despite not being able to see "I she looks...,hmm." he said turning his head in the direction of where his ravens were perched "Pretty!" Hugin said "Lovely!" Munin said, both birds spoke in a light whimsical voice.

    "Is that so?"

    He was tempted to have both birds fly into the room but he could hear the sound of footfalls approaching.
  3. Alice ran down the stairs, followed by her was Jade. "See I told you" she said turning to Jade who then looked at him. "Hey" she said.
    Jade had black, shoulder-length hair that was tied in a ponytail with her bangs pushed to the side of her face. She looked at the boy with her light green eyes.
    She wore a raggity old red shirt and jeans.
  4. The young man jumped slightly as he spun around and half bowed "Allo, the names Loki and I shall assist you today!"

    He said smiling toothy.
  5. "How old are you?" Alice asked.
  6. Loki blinked surprise by the question "I'm fifteen." He hoped he didn't look older.
  7. Alice and Jade looked at each other. "Alright follow me" Alice said and walked over to a dresser drawer. "Alright, we need to take Jade across country...are you prepared for that?" she asked, rubbing her finger under her nose because it itched.
  8. Loki grinned mischievously "Of course! Why its a pleasure to escort you two, hmm." He whistled for his ravens, both birds swooped in from out of no where and landed on both his shoulders.

    "Just one you guys trust me?"
  9. Jade blushed, looking at Loki. She didn't know why she became nervous around him. With a deep breath she looked down, avoiding eye contact.

    "Trust is earned" Alice said crossing her arms.
  10. This made the young man laugh "You think like I do. My foolish half brother would've said 'I do', hmm."
  11. Alice and Jade both looked at each other. "What do you want in exchange for helping us?" Jade asked.
  12. Loki chuckled sadly "What I wish to gain would be impossible to give to me, hmm." He lifted his hand and point to dark red tear like markings running down his cheeks "These markings are from venom. The venom burned my eyes permently blinding hmm, hmm."

    He sighed "Unless you are able to restore my sight then I wish nothing in return than to assist, hmm.
  13. Alice nodded "uh-huh...will you excuse us for a moment?" She took Jade's arm and walked to a corner with her. "We can't let him take you, for gosh sakes he's blind! He will only get in the way!" she whispered.
    Jade looked down thinking "well. maybe his other senses are better because of it" she whispered back. "Look, he dosen't know that I'm the cure, so he won't try to double cross us...besides...nobody else is coming!"
    Alice rolled her eyes, they didn't have much of an option.
  14. Loki sweatdropped as he turned his head to Hugin and Munin the ravens "I hope I can still be useful, bloody Allfather rendering me blind."

    "Useful!" Hugin cawed.

    "Silvertongue is useful when we are here!" Added Munin.

    "I just hope this mission doesn't require me having to kill any one, hmm." He said tiredly 'I cant afford another century in the dungeons of Jotunheim...' he thought.
  15. Jade walked back with Alice "Umm yeah ok...your hired" Jade said
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