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  1. I'm curious about the difference between these two? I know the green dot lets someone know whether your online or not, but when I see "show online status" I falter, wondering what it is... Would it be the "[insert username] was last seen viewing [insert thread name] 30 minutes ago" or is it the actual status on your profile? Visuals would be great, if you could /wouldn't mind do(ing) that.
  2. If you mean the box in the settings, it hides both the green dot and thread you were last viewing from others so they can't see if and when you've been online (aside from times on posts and actions in the 'Recent Activity' tab). At least that's what my friend and I concluded from toying with it, and from what I've seen around the update hasn't changed or altered that at all.
  3. Where's the box in the settings?
  4. If you scroll over where it says 'Alexa Ray' (next to inbox and alerts), there's a box at the bottom of the drop down menu that you can check or uncheck.


    And that will change if people can or cannot see your online status.

    EDIT: It can also be found under the 'Privacy' section of settings. From there you also can change if people can see what you are/were viewing, so the green dot and what you've been viewing can be changed individually rather than both at the same time (it appears that way at least)/
  5. Okay, so the difference between the green dot and online status is that the green dot shows whether you're online or not and the online status shows the threads you were last viewing?
  6. Yep! If you've been on in the last, like, 15 minutes the green dot will be present to alert others. The 'last viewing' thing shows what you last did, even if it was several hours or ago.
  7. Gotcha! I wish there was a way to turn off the green dot, though...
  8. If you hide you online status, the green dot won't show when you're online. But the forum will still tell people where you last posted/were active!
  9. Oh, really?! Well that just made my day a whole lot easier haha! So only I can see the green dot, right? I don't show my online status to anyone.
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  10. If you turn the setting off, then no one will see the dot indicating you're online :)
  11. That's what I've been doing for a while now. Only I can see the dot.
  12. I know xD You just seemed like you were asking and I was confirming you were correct. Sorry for the confusion!
  13. Then I will give you a little something about me. I ALWAYS ask questions with a QUESTION mark~ :3
  14. Well I spotted a few in there ;P But anyways, I'm glad this all got cleared up for ya ^.^