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  1. I usually rock to "90's School Dance" on Songza

    What's your go-to playlist on Songza/Pandora/whatever you listen on?

    Not asking about personal libraries or playlists you've assembled, btw, just ones the Internet has cooked up
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  2. I want to rate this all of the positive ratings. WHY MUST I CHOOSE ONE!??!?!?!

    As for my's not all that interesting. I'll just throw in an artist name or two and listen for a while.
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  3. I use Google Play Music to do that stuff and I have a few go-to radio(playlist) stations: Today's Club Bangers, Today's Trap Bangers, Today's EDM House Hits.

    If I'm not feeling those, I'll just find a song, and make a radio station out of that, and google play just finds song similar to that one. So like Spotify or Pandora.
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  4. The only time I use online music libraries is when I'm gathering/collecting new songs for my phone that I use as an Ipod.

    As for Ipod music though?
    It's generally the album with the newest added songs at the time.

    But those that were consistently popular (as in after the songs are no longer new) has been:

    Two Steps From Hell, Halo, Game of Thrones & Mass Effect.
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  5. *thumbs up while rocking to Mambo number 5*
  6. Technically it isn't a playlist, but SwangYoThang 2 on SoundCloud is my go-to when nothing else strikes the right chord. It's really just a hour-long assemby of electro swing and remixes.

    I'd link it, but this phone doesn't like SoundCloud. :/
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  7. Electro swing is wonderful.
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  8. 1,2,3,4,5
    Everybody in the car and come on let's ride
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  9. A lot of the time I just go to Youtube and throw some Tasty Network playlists on shuffle.
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  10. two steps from hell is best hell
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  11. I have only four Pandora stations at the moment. Two more stations are likely to become things but aren't ones currently; they'll be listed below my four.

    1- Hip Hop & Rap; Brother Ali, Aesop Rock, Illy, Hilltop Hoods, Chali 2na, Watsky, Macklemore, Tech N9ne, etc
    2- Rock, Funk, Motown; Fitz and the Tantrums, The Heavy, Black Keys, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Cage the Elephant, etc
    3- Irish Pub Songs
    4- Spanish Classical Guitar

    and the ones that I'll get around to adding

    5- Symphonic and Power Metal
    6- Chiptune, Electroswing, & Trip Hop

    But for now I'm treated well with the ones I have.
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