Online creature breeding games?

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  1. So lately I ha e been craving an online breeding game and have begun my search but haven't found many good results. So what I'm looking for is a game with

    1. Creature breeding
    2. Genetics (basically the kid doesn't look exactly like the parent)
    3. Decent sprites
    4. A somewhat active site
    5. No limit on how many creatures you can have

    So if you know any that fit those things please comment or pm me. Also I found one "clan heart" that looks like a lot of fun but I can't join at the moment because they aren't accepting new registrations so if anyone knows when I'll be able to join pm me, thanks
  2. This is so oddly specific it frightens me.

    Found one though. Gonna try it later.

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  4. If you want to act elitist, play around with dragons, sneer at people's breeding methods and animal types, collect fun items and accessories, dress up said dragons, and generally sink a lot of your precious time into what essentially amounts to nothing, then I'd say go with Flight Rising. They currently have closed registration, I think, but they open it up all the time since they are getting bigger and bigger.

    Plus we have a small group here already. Some of them aren't snobs about their dragons even!

    Want a link? Start here: Google
  5. Went ahead and I just have to wait for my account to be approved
  6. Awesome! Let me know and I will add you as a friend. There is a lot to the site so it can get pretty confusing.
  7. Also another quick question, is there a limit on how many pets you can have?
  8. Nope. This is my current pet count/lair space (you can always buy more space.
    Jolteon*(Icystorm) (#50606) has 5108/5206 pets xD
  9. Umm...there is no link
  10. Okay so I saw that is could take a while for breeding to happen, how long does it usually take?
  11. Depends on the breeding and if you get predicts done. It can take a few weeks to a few months. The staff has been working on speeding up the breeding queue and making everything run smoother. This page lists the current status of each coin (I think the acceptance is backed up right now, though) Welcome to Aywas • Aywas
    and this lists what each coin does (I notice it is not up to date, but there should be seperate articles about those not listed) Welcome to Aywas • Aywas
  12. The Google-Fu is weak in this one.. In the picture, the name is..
  13. @Windsong
    Not sure about the OP, but the image you posted doesn't show up for me.
  14. That would be a good response.

  15. Pokemon with Wi-Fi and Poke-Bank.

    This is actually the only thing I can think of.
    Though I don't normally look for breeding games.
  16. I remember a breeding game by this indie flash game dev. I can't remember here's one I found though Monster Breeding

    EDIT: found it Critter Forge its called by Edgebee
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