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  1. Welcome!

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  2. Batch #2 :D

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  3. I'm interested if this is still going but if there is a commission fee then i can't, I'm skint out...
  4. Hey! yeah it's still running, I'm just dealing with some real world BS right now so I'll only be able to do pencil sketches if anything. What would you like drawn?
  5. Herro Oni chan!

    Just wonderin' if youzz are still doing artsy fartsy things here in this shop :P

    I looooove your stuff, like absolutely so, and need some busts done for some things.

    PM me if you want to talk more :)
  6. You wouldn't happen to do art trades? If so, would you be interested in doing one?
  7. Absolutely interested. Gimmie a bit to get thigns together but please PM me with what you'd like from me :D