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  1. Well. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Zac and I've been roleplaying for about 6 and a half years now... I'm not going to lie, I started VERY young when I first started rp, and I'm still in my teenage years. I'm a very descriptive and quick to reply roleplayer looking for a female to play a female role in the plots that I have thought and will list below. I myself am very very literate and descriptive with all of my posts. I do prefer a partner who matches my descriptive and lengthy responses, painting a picture with their words.

    When doing MxM I prefer the ages to be around the same. Not much into older male interaction, more toward sixteen or younger. Just a forte of mine, don't know why. But if you have any questions about doing an MxM I will make acceptions here and there, like I said, very open minded.

    I prefer my partners to be open to roleplaying mature content if they want a mature roleplay!

    I now want to list some of my plot idea's.
    The open ideas/Plots are all highlighted in red and bold:Ones Highlighted in Orange and Bold are open for MxM
    • Assassin's Creed Universe: Before or after Desmond's passing away, I would like to dell into the romance between Lucy and Desmond, much much more. That is just a plus though, I will be generally pleased to do n Assassin's Creed Rp.
    • Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay: That involves teenage romance (Possible Sexual Themes) That either are strangers, or long friends that have found each other through a twist of fate that forms into a romance. Also maybe if anyone else likes The Last of Us rp and wants to find a love Ellie's age. I'm down. I'm also open on this topic for Adult's surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and having to work together. I don't mind that at all either.
    • Military Roleplay: Involving some sort of Special Tactics Group among the branches of the military. The plot goes wherever the characters take it. No I'm not taking the call of duty rout where they turn a corner and kill fifteen armed men. But yes it's very wanted for potential rp partner's to know that I'm realistic when it comes to this.
    • Street Racing: Plot that involves rebellious, young friends that maybe lead to romance? Who knows? The age range can be from just got their licences to someone who just had their first legal drink of alcohol. Prefer someone with car knowledge that will be a bit cocky to match the characters among them that are OC.
    • School Friends: or friends with benefits among their high school lives, from their friendship spawns a romance?
    • Many many endless plots that have to do with all of the above, crossed with all the rest.
    • I'm also a very big fan of doing some kind of Iron Man based Rp. But not using the same names and what not. If you're interested in that, please do let me know.
    • Crime Duo: that are MxF and are constantly running from the law. Or young high school boys who have a bit of a daring side.
    • Skyrim Roleplay: O_O I mean... Come on. Dovahkiin deserves a better kind of courtship then a necklace. Or it could go another way around.
    • Modern Roleplay: Rich life yet still is the most giving man in the world.
    • MY FANTASY RP: My fantasy RP involves a man by the name of Marcus Hawk, following after his father's foot steps he holds up the Weapon making, military funding, tech and vehicles, from aircraft to the under the Sea. After he get's his big shoes on and has to catch his Father's legacy of Hawk Industries. He remains single and still looking. Having to duck under cover every day he goes out. So the chances of meeting a genuine woman are slimmest of the slim. Being the head of a multi-trillionare company he is under the spotlight. But not EVERY project... Is on the surface...
    • ANOTHER FANTASY RP/MEDIEVAL IF WANTED: Draco Aludra, a young 22 year old man, born into the Order among the greatest. The Order raised him, trained him, and has been the only family he knew, ever since his father was killed under the name of corrupt Kingdoms among medieval times he now lives among. These very Kingdoms that now wage war upon each other, both of them corrupt, both of them responsible for the death of his father. With a higher power pulling the strings behind these two Kingdoms, unknowingly being played against each other, Draco now fights a war, to go through every line of action... To cut those strings.
    • PM ME IDEAS!: I'm always open to ideas so PLEASE pm me any idea you have, I might just enjoy it!

    As you can tell I'm looking for a mature roleplay that involves mature content if I do find the correct partner that agrees to doing so. I do NOT want the roleplay's to be revolved around nothing but sex. So I am very open to people who are very descriptive and paints a picture with their own words. So. If you are interested in anything I have stated above, or think I might just be the right kind of One on One partner for them, PLEASE do PM me, I will always respond. I'm a very very very quick to respond, daily responder. I try my best to respond ASAP but still make my responses very helpful or thoroughly constructed responses that entice the readers. I'm very very ecstatic to respond to people who have the same love for a story and plot development among the story. So do PM me with your thoughts or exceptions to my above requests.

    I'll be waiting!
  2. I Would love to do the post-apoc story :) I have been rping for many years as well and I mostly do male characters (it is more comfortable because female seems to personal) I believe I am pretty decent when it comes to rps. I like a nice dramatic plot and I am up for anything. I do smut, gore, anything pretty much as long as it pertains to the story some how. Let me know if you would want to rp :) I preferably like to rp over messengers like KiK.
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