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  1. Howdy.
    I'm Toxic, obviously I suppose. I am looking for a (some) one on one roleplay partners.
    Lets start off with some basic things...
    Most of the time it seems that if you can double on a one on one that would be best, but you don't have to be able too.(just more fun that way, yeah?)
    I play female characters. I have one male...but yeah.
    I should not have to list rules right?
    I am great at throwing out detailed settings.
    However, I am not always so good with plots.
    I am cliche when it comes to them. haha

    Moving on.
    Here are some things I like to play.
    -Werewolves/other were creatures
    -Gifted/hybrid/dna injected
    -Animals (Wolves cats, horses, whatever)
    ^I guess the list is not really that long. o.o Oh well.

    Mix it up.

    I have a few setting and plots, floating about, here you go, setitngwise.

    Misty Ridge Gifted Boarding School
    (A Boarding school for gifted individuals to weird creatures....< Countless plots can be applied here)

    Misty Ridge ( A large section of the country which is bordered by the Dragons Spire mountains on one side, and the Misty Spine on the other. In between are all sorts of terrain, from swamplands to forests of bramble or pine. All sorts of creatures can be found here.)

    Immortal Blood Gifted Prison (Ah, the prison for those magically inclined from your general witch to the Vampire and everything in between)

    The City of Spira (A city full of Magical creatures and people. Most of the humans here believe in the things that go bump in the night..)

    Dragons Breath Coven (A huge Vampire coven hidden beneath the Dragons Spire Mountains, which loom over Spira. Often other mythical beings can be found here as well.)

    Dragons Spire Mountains( Aside from those who travel the treacherous terrain to reach the Coven hidden beneath them. Many other creatures live here, From your text-book wolf, to the obvious, dragons.)

    I have some plots for some of those, which I will not list.
    If you have questions please post.
    If you are interested,(and have an idea of what you want to play) please message me, and we aan talk.
    I can also be reached via my AIM, Toxicxburn.

    I think that will do. Now I will wait, I do suppose. :]

  2. ...Nobody, really?
  3. I had posted a response but didn't like it, so I deleted it with the intention of coming back later and rewriting it. However, I somehow lost you post. Anyway! I am interested in doing an animal roleplay. One maybe involving felines - or my char. is a feline. However, I have been wanting to do a school-based rp for a while. So I am interested in doing the Misty Ridge Boarding School one.
  4. Oh dear. Well, at least you found it again. Ha. Okay, do you know which one you would prefer to do? I don't mind either, really.
  5. Maybe the boarding school and add in the animals? I am okay with most anything. Or perhaps I will think up some sort of other race that I want to do and then use that?
  6. And add in the animals? I am sure there is something you can be. Anthro..or a Hybrid or a were-something. Or we can just do some sort of feline roleplay. I don't care.
  7. I like were's. That sounds fine
  8. I'd love to rp the Immortal Blood Gifted Prison idea! =D It sounds like awesome fun! >w< Do you prefer thread, pm and or IM gaming?
  9. I'd fancy a trip to the DragonSpire mountains. What did you have planned there?
  10. Okay. So boarding school then? You can be a werethere. Where do you want to play?

    I don't mind. A thread is fine with me, what is your preference? I have AIM, it's Toxicxburn .

    Depends on what you want to play in the mountains.

    Also, sorry if my replys take a while something is going on with the internet and it keeps going out on me. D:
  11. I Would like to propose an idea, Message me and I'll tell you.
    HINt HInt hINT: It concerns blood, Zodiac and poisons.
  12. So my interent was super crappy for a long time, but now we have switched, and it is all good again. Hopefully I will be on much more now.

    On that note. I am craving something containing wilderness, horses, castles, theives, hidden identities and something such like that. o.O

    Anybody got anything?
  13. I'm interested in doing a onexone with you :)
  14. Okay, wanna PM and we can talk about it, then?
  15. Craving some shapeshifter or weresomethings roleplay.
  16. I am craving.
    Wolves. Realistic.



    Any takers?