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  1. Hello! I'm currently looking for potential role play partners. I'm placing this in General as what I'm looking for can encompass many things. I'm painting an overall picture here. I can do the same plot with multiple people. Thanks for reading and talk soon!

    About Me:
    • Age: Over 18
    • Gender: Male
    • Time Zone: Central
    • Availability: I can usually post daily, sometimes every other day. If I'm going to be absent I will inform you.
    • Limits: Sexual themes are dependent on the individual role play. I can either fade to black, or include some description. There doesn't have to be any at all either. I am okay with swearing, drugs, abuse, bullying, violence. NO piss/scat, pedophilia or bestiality. This does not mean any of those are required.
    • Content: I usually post 1-3 paragraphs. Sometimes more, less is fine if there's lots of direct dialogue, but I don't want any one-liners. Getting the point across and giving each other something to work with is the key.
    • I have no problem with OOC banter.
    • I prefer to role play in PM.

    Pairing/Plot Ideas:
    • Settings: Modern, Medieval, Fantasy, War-torn, Futuristic.
    • I like having romance involved, however it should not be the sole focal point, or should there be love at first sight. If or when something happens, it should be off in the future. Drama is good and love is far from perfect.
    • Example plot 1: Two seniors in high school, my character is a popular jock from an upper class family, your character could either be a nerd who ends up having to tutor the jock, or you could play a punk that transfers in from another school, and takes a stand against the jock. Something forms even against the odds. Yes overdone, but it works. Plot details can be worked out together.
    • Example plot 2: Modern and/or Fantasy setting. Your character is a vigilante of sorts, in a large city where public safety is handled by a private company ran by my character. Not happy with how justice is served and some rampant corruption, your character takes to the streets to do a little cleaning. Your character eventually meets my character, unbeknownst to him that the man standing in front of him is the much sought after vigilante. There would be an underlying attraction and a dangerous game to play.
    • Example plot 3: My human Prince needs to decide what to do with a captured Elven spy. Kill him? Ransom him? Certainly not be attracted to him. The roles could also be reversed (your Elven spy captures my Prince). Details can be tweaked as needed.
    • Example plot 4: Something really stupidly silly/funny/cheesy. Two unlikely people run into each other, start a friendship and eventually date. Nothing goes right, ever. From outrageous comments, to unexpected falls and ridiculous puns, it's enough to make you sick. From laughter.
    • Open to more so pitch me your ideas!

    • Again, this is Male/Male

    My Character * Your Character
    Jock * Nerd/Punk
    Prince * Servant/Knight/Thief
    Police Officer * Criminal
    Normal Human * Superhero
    Target * Assassin
    Assassin * Target
    Human * Demon/Angel/Something
    Agent * Hacker/Vigilante

    • I'm sure there are a ton more. Feel free to pitch me your ideas!

    Who I'm Looking For:
    • 18+
    • Available a few times a week minimum. Daily is even better.
    • Ability to communicate if you'll be absent or if you have issues/ideas with the role play.
    • Ability to help drive the plot, toss in twists, show initiative.
    • Limits: Must be similar to mine but we can discuss that together as it pertains to a role play.
    • Firm grasp on grammar (mainly knowing how to utilize spell check, proper capitalization, proofreading your post before you hit Send, etc). Posting 1-3 paragraphs as well. No chat speak IC or one-liners.
    • No anime pictures for character sheets, please. (fan art is okay for the Elven plot, etc)
    • Brownies

    Think you fit the bill? Contact me via PM with the following information:
    • Name or something I can call you.
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Time Zone
    • Availability
    • Limits
    • Which pairing you're interesting in or other ideas.
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  2. Spots still open.

    Made some additions.
  3. Possibly taking on one or two more role plays. Dependent on plot/pairing and prospective partner. Please be sure you've read the original post.
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  7. Partly cloudy with a chance of bump. I know you're out there.
  8. Wanted to update this. I am not accepting new partners at this time due to work. I'll update if/when that changes. Thanks for understanding.
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  9. I'll Rp with you. I like all four plots, the pairings seem doable to especially the angel/demon/whatever lol.
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