OnexOne Ideas! :D

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  1. I'll colour code it (yay, pretty colours ^^)

    I wish to play as a boy ^^
    I wish to play as a girl ^^
    I just want to play, I don't care which gender :]

    (Preferably a boyxboy, but will do boyxgirl) In a new town, Andy doesn't know where to go or what to do. The kids at his new highschool seem nice enough, but he just doesn't know who to talk to. That is, until ____ talks to him one day. Andy and ____ start hanging out and having a lot of fun together, eventually falling in love.

    (Fantasy, yay!) Two friends decide to head out, in search of a "lost city of ice". They've heard stories about this city since they were young. It's deep in the western sea, where the water turns cold. (This will not be based on our earth). The inhabitants of this city are supposedly the most beautiful people in the world. However, along the way, they get into a terrible ship wreck, killing one of the friends. The other floats to the shores of an unknown land, where he/she wakes up with an unfamiliar face watching over him/her. Having successfully, though tragedically, reached the lost city, he/she soon finds that the inhabitants are more than just a pretty face.

    After arriving to New York City with aspirations of becoming a singer, *girl* is soon caught up in the "dark side" of the city. One day, she finds herself running from a gang of hoodlums who, no doubt, are planning to do unfriendly things. Fortunately, New York City always has a good guy. (He can be a cop or a superhero, whatever you want) *Guy* saves her and it goes on from there.

    (Based off of the Halo games) Upon arriving on one of the rings, a team of soldiers is quickly picked off by the Covenant, leaving only one (can be a Spartan or a normal soldier). However, he soon finds that they were not the first humans to land on that particular ring. He soon finds a girl in one of the Covenant's structures, locked away. He has no idea what they're holding her there for, but he has to let her out. Unfortunately, the two discover that the Covenant need the girl more than they had originally thought, but why? The soldier, luckily, is able to fix his communicator and call for help, but can they hold out long enough? And what will happen once they're saved?
  2. I'm up for the first one. I'd like to do it BoyXgirl, if that's okay!
  3. Would you like me to put it up,
    Or i think you should B/c I'm not to good at putting them up.

    Tell me the name of the thread when you start it :D
  4. I'm up for your RED option.
    I don't know which role you would like me to play, but, I'm pretty open for just about anything! Idea sounds good good!

  5. @Miss Mary: I'll put it up :) I'll send you the link when it's up