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  1. Still looking for a partner for some OneXOne rps.

    Pairings (open)
    Welcome to Night Vale - CecilXCarlos (possible M-preg), and the same pairing but in an HS AU setting
    Marvel- ThorXLoki (lots of angst) LokiXTony
    Black Butler- SebastianXCiel (and yes if you prefer we can bump up Ciel's age) SebastianXClaude
    Norgami- OC characters (you may have to help generate a plot, and this is the only one I'll allow to be hetero)
    Chobits- OC characters
    Free!- RinXHaruXMakoto (I play two characters in this plot) NagisaXRei

    Please only message me/reply to this thread if you are interested in one of the ideas/pairings suggested above.
    Those are the only things I want to rp at this time and messages for anything else will be ignored.
  2. Hello, I'm interested in this pairing (RinXHaruXMakoto), so if you're still open, I'd love to do this one with you. Thanks!
  3. Forgot to add that I rp both through threads and through pms.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.