One x one

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  1. I want to do any kind of one x one just throw ideas at me.
  2. Well... what is your preferred genres?
  3. i do horror fantasy modern not good at scifi. Kind of in the mood for a fantasy or modern
  4. Well I can do either fantasy or modern... or even modern fantasy....
  5. Modern fantasy it is. How do you want to go about it? Want me to make the plot or you
  6. Well if you have any ideas you want to throw out...
  7. Sorry last night was really out of it. We could do a modern fantasy of hidden creatures living amongst humans like a being human theme. Maybe a psychic combative team theme you know under ground missions. You have any ideas?
  8. That sounds interesting... hrmmm... I am hitting a brick wall actually.
  9. Hmm which theme sounded more interesting to you?
  10. The psychic combative team sounds the most interesting.
  11. k what psychic powers do you want just curious
  12. I must say I am quite fond of telekinesis...
  13. ooooo that sounds fun hmmm I'm thinking of Cryokinesis
  14. Alright, that works for me.
  15. ill start that plot do you have any ideas where you want the location to be?
  16. Well as far as fun and unused go we could use Germany...
  17. okay I'll start working on a plot here in a few minute finishing a character sheet atm
  18. sry for not replying in the last few days. Got really busy with family stuff, but I'll be posting the plot tonight already working on it.