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  1. I. Requirements

    I post responses anywhere between four to twelve lines. Sometimes a pages worth. It depends on my muse at the moment.
    I'm a mirror roleplayer, though I try my best to reply with at least an extra line on you, though sometimes I do have bad brain farts ;-;
    I prefer roleplaying females, but I don't mind doing males.
    I try my absolute best with grammar
    I'm in the Pacific timezone (+8)
    I live on the computer so I can usually reply quickly
    I only roleplay through PM, sorry! Very rarely do I accept forum roleplays.
    I tend to have a lot of background characters, as they spice things up a bit more

    You can at least mirror my responses. If not, write more than four lines.
    Can contribute to plot writing, so it's not just me thinking of ideas.
    You have decent grammar
    You're able to reply more than twice a every five days.
    You aren't rude/disrespectful.

    II. Plot Candies
      (MXM/FXF) It's basically a boarding school for supernatural-beings, and these guys/girls are roomies. One is as straight as a beam-pole, the other is out and proud. They spend the entire year together (its take major character development), and eventually, the straight one realizes s/he's falling for him/her. Then it goes from there. It's a simple, cliche plot, but I thought it would be fun. Also, if you have any extra ideas for it, let me know!

      (MXM/FXF/FXM) I kind of like doing the cliche cliques too. Meaning like, popularxloner. Popular gets curious about loner, they cross paths, both get rejected by the school student population. Of course, popular has a problem with coming out. It's not fully developed, but ideas welcome!

      (MXM/FXF/FXM) An aristocratxthief roleplay, set in modern times (sorry, not looking for a medieval thing right now). Meaning royal/rich figure and thief figure meet somehow and they quickly become friends; both interested in each other lives. Of course, the thief is curious as to how the aristocrat can hate living with the flowing money. The aristocrat is jealous of the thief's freedom. Feelings eventually develop between the two, but the aristocrat could never tell his family of the dirty thief.

      (MXM/FXF/MXF) I've wanted to try this one for a while. It's a YouTuber x OC roleplay, where one of us plays a famous YouTuber, and the other plays a huge fan. They cross paths somehow, and they hang out a bit more; the OC even guests on a handful of YouTubers video. They could be the infamous "friends with benefits" and/or they could fall for each other.

      (MXM/MXF/FXF) A blind OC x OC. I got this one from a movie me and my family were watching. Basically, the Blind OC is going through the therapy, and on his way out of one of his sessions, he runs into this girl/guy who's going through therapy from returning to Iraq. I thought it would be an interesting plot, but obviously its not ALL thought out. So.

      (MXF/FXF) the survival one is this group of friends that go on a cruise off the shore of California. The cruise was supposed to take them to Hawaii, as to broaden the vacation, but along the way, they crashed into one of Hawaii's uncharted islands. There are seven survivors out of hundreds, and the five are quick to group and go out to hunt. The two remaining people are the only pureblood supernaturals, as purebloods are hard to come across, and viewed as dangerous. Therefore the group didn't hesitate on ditching them. Little did the seven know, there is a tribe of cannibals living within the island. And when I say tribe, I mean a massive one. Nearly 100 humans survive in these forests. The first five to venture off are lost to the two purebloods, and the two have no idea if they're alive or dead. The two become instant allies, and immediately take to having each others backs. They both work together to survive, and protect against the tribe.

      (MXM/FXF/FXM) I'm actually basing this one off of the song "Your's Truly" by Paradise Fears. Basically, s/he is visiting family for the summer from out of state, and the two happen to meet at a park. Conversation starts, and the two agree to meet there again the next day. This schedule continues for nearly a month. The two are warmed up to each other quite well, even know things about each other that even their best friends do not. On the day where the roleplay would kick-start, the one from out state would sit down with his/her heart on her sleeve, and admit that s/he only has a week left before s/he returns home. "Person1" is astounded, offended even that s/he waited so long to tell him/her. But, s/he quickly get over it. What would you do in the last week with your new best friend and practically love interest? Especially knowing that you didn't know how long until you would get to see them again?

      Text means the idea has been claimed.
    Other pairings I'm open in doing, if you're interested!

    Werwolf x Vampire
    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Demon x Human
    Angel x Demon
    Delinquent x Daddy's Girl
    Older Brothers Friend x Little Sister (Kind of have an idea for this one)

    I'm open for any kind of pairing idea! And obviously, I'm looking for a bit of romance in my roleplays, haha! I roleplay mature scenes at times (read my resume for more details). I don't really do anime stuff, sorry! I'm getting more into anime in general, but the only fandom type roleplay I'd be semi interested in doing is something from Attack on Titan. Even then, I'm still only on season one.​
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  2. I'd be interested in the aristocrat/thief. :D I have two male thieves on my blog that you can look at, unless you wanted to play the thief.

    I also have a male demon in the works if you want to do a demon/human instead.
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  3. I'm interested in Older brothers friend x little sister if you're up for it :)
  4. @Saren: I'll check them out!

    @Ace: Awesome! PM me and we can discuss the plot further (:
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