one x one with [ OCs ] // Romance? School? Fantasy?

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  1. I'm pretty new to this site but I'm looking for a role play partner.
    I'm pretty accepting of most things, but I'm not a fan of anything yaoi, furry, or mecha.

    I am okay with descriptive dirty scenes, though.
    I prefer to play the girl trying to win the bad-boy over, and I prefer to reply to it as quick as possible. -fast paced!- I also tend to use multiple characters. I don't know if that's weird here.

    I've roleplayed for ~10 years and it's always been in the format of:

    A: -looks over to B, scoffing- Why don't you use the other role play format?
    B: -looks to A and frowns- Because I've only ever used line-to-line..

    But I'd be totally willing to give the story-style a try.

    >>> I'm looking for: <<<

    - Someone who uses OCs and only OCs. I don't like using anime characters. although similar settings to those characters are alright.
    - Someone who enjoys being the bad-boy type
    - Someone that doesn't mind giving me plot as much as I love giving to them
    - Someone who replies fairly quickly

    - And if someone wanted to give a line-by-line a go.
  2. Willing to try it out, I can reply fairly fast and I'm up for any story :)
  3. What sort are you in the mood for, Kaldoro? :]
    I'm also up for a wide-array of things.

    Maybe you can school me on how this forum-RP business works. I'd love to learn.
    I just mean in general how people start up a RP via forum, because I've only ever RPed with one other person for ten years, via Skype / Facebook chat.
  4. I sent you a chat message, it's probably best to discuss it that way
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.