One x One Witcher - based RP.

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  1. Hi there! So, I'm not going to post some long list of things I'd want to roleplay. Just one.

    Based on the wonderful story telling found in Witcher, I'd like to play a story with a Witcher who unknowingly takes a contract on a former lover who had died and returned as something... else. Now the Witcher is faced with hunting and killer the lover he already lost once, or throwing away his life as a Witcher and not killing her.

    Of course, this would be done with original characters (as much as I love Geralt~ <3 )

    Any takers?

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  2. OMG. I was just wrapping up a fanboy/girl session about Witcher 3 ( Geralt <3 ) when I came across this.

    I would loveeeeeeeeeeee to do this. :D
  3. Amazing! Let's do it then! I've been working on a Witch already but... would you like to be the witch or the Witcher?
  4. Maaan. I can't decide. >.<

    I like magic and sorcery so I would have said witch first but.. Witcher! (and swords!) D: Maybe the easier question would be, which one would you prefer? :p
  5. I'd prefer the Witch, too.

    Witcher's do magic too! So we can both enjoy it fully. Haha- I'll go start a thread, if you're ready :)
  6. That's true. Mind you, I just got the game recently so my knowledge is a bit lacking on the story plot (NO SPOILERS PLS).

    Go ahead!
  7. I never finished it, and it's the only one I've played, so we're in the same boat. We'll just wing it and stick to what we know. I'll make the post and tag you in it~
  8. i would also love to do this :) <3 <3<3 fangirling so hard about geralt :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.