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  1. I kinda feel like having an angsty RP. I have this one character that I made up for a story I never pursued further but I've always wanted to play as him AHEM ANYWAYS. I personally find parasites really really interesting, so this character has a parasite that eventually transforms him into a tree, which, well, would mean he's dead.... :V. So it's pretty much decided that he's going to die, unless we managed to do something about it. I pictured and designed him for a fantasy setting but I'm always willing to adapt. XD

    Another idea I thought of is a RP taking place in a dream setting? This doesn't neccessarily have to be angsty though.

    It doesn't have to be limited to either of these, it could be anyything~ only thing is I'm not too into doing fandom RP's unless it's with OC's or something. But we could do just about anything, demons, angels, --whatever your heart desires. XD I just want to add another RP or so under my belt. I'm not terribly into yaoi or yuri, however if you are willing to pursue it far enough that you'd sway (my heart and) my character's heart then sure. XD It can be mature or completely innocent. I'm pretty cool with most things, and if I'm not, I'll let you know. (wow that sounds harsh, but I mean I wont just like... ignore you...)
  2. I'm kind of intrested in your first Idea...Is there a certain place you wanted to go with it? As is looking for a love intrest or what?
  3. Medieval fantasy if you want, though it really could be anything XD Romance is cool with me. They could be childhood friends, on a journey, the other character could be an outsider to the village -- perhaps it's a village where every so many decades a 'sacrifice' is born? Like it's cursed by the forest after something sacred was destroyed, resulting in the village having to repopulate the forest via this parasite. Just an idea XD
  4. I love your second idea Silas~
  5. *o* yeaaaah! If you want, we can flesh it out a bit~ Unless you just liked it. XD
  6. We should do this. It would be a waste not to.
  7. I'm so glad you're my comrade. XD We'll figure this out through PMs then!~
  8. Yes~ Let's do that!
  9. I wanna do the one regarding the tree.
  10. I'd love to. Feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss it!
  11. What an awesome idea! Looks like I'm a bit late, though... Oh well :D
  12. We could still do it! The RP with iAmXC is a bit different anyways, I really don't mind doing two if you want to. :3
  13. Sweet! I'd like to rp something along with your tree-parasite-guy(/girl?) character. Would you like to base it in a world already set out in, say, a movie/book series? Or I can come up with suggestions. I was thinking the parasite character of yours would fit into something post-apocalyptic, perhaps; something like in Miyazaki's Nausicaa or Origin: Spirit of the past. I'm partial to universes that have some sort of scientific or scifi base to them, but I'm flexible.
    You can PM me, or I'll keep watching this thread.