● ||| one x one - - mxf, long term, romance, & more

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Rosie Bloom

Ferret Whisperer
Roleplay Invitations
One on One Roleplays, Private Convo Roleplays
Posting Speed
Speed of Light, Several Posts a Day
My Usual Online Time
Sporadically during the day; usually 10pm CST until I sleep and all day on weekends.
Writing Levels
Intermediate, Adept, Adaptable
Genders You Prefer Playing
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
I'm in between and it all depends on my partner. I do, however, like being passive but not too passive - I want to have a say with what happens too. It depends on the type of RP as well.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Cliche Romance/Fluffy Romance
Genre You DON'T Like
Realistic Settings, most sci-fi, fighting/action-centric
● ||| - - WELCOME

Hello everyone~ Thank you for taking a peek at my search thread!
You can call me Rosie and I reside in the Midwest of the USA.
I currently work full time but have a lot of availability so hit me up~

● ||| - - WHAT I WANT

What I would like to play.

Vampire x Human Girl - Open to any and all ideas. Even high school vampire scenarios.
Super Villain x Civilian Girl
Inhuman guy who is a spy x Human Girl
Merman x Human Girl
Human Male x Mermaid
Demon x Human Girl
Virtually Any Kind of Inhuman/Supernatural Male x Human Girl

● ||| - - GUIDELINES

I prefer to play female in hetero pairings (no F// or M//) and would rather we not double.
Please be fast and frequent with replies. I am around on and off during the day then am usually on all night constantly around 10pm CST to anytime I feel like sleeping. I'd love someone who can post a lot during the day and/or at night. One post a day isn't enough for me, either. I'm sorry!
I love cliches and romance but the RP isn't limited to this. However, romance is definitely a main focus, as is fantasy.
I like happy endings and prefer faster-paced romance but not love at first sight.
PMs or Discord. I prefer 1-2 paragraph replies. I can write more but I like not having to worry about length much.
However, Quality > Quantity.
Communicate with me.
If we've been posting back and forth, it'd be really nice if you could let me know you're heading off.
I try to do the same for you! If you're going to be gone for awhile as well, please let me know.


If you're interested please send me a PM and tell me what you'd like to do as posting here may result in me not hearing from you. I don't always get notified, unfortunately. I hope to hear from you soon!
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