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    Hello there lovelies, I've come to this place in hopes of finding more long term One x One's I can do.

    I guess the first thing I shall list is what I WON'T do in a role-play. :D
    SEX. With that goes incest, rape, pedophilia, and just about any other sick stuff you can name. :D I don't much like that kinda thing.

    However, that's really my only limitation. Otherwise I do like violence, suggestive nature, cursing like a sailor, etc. I DO like romance, but it is NOT required. If it's there, it's not going to be instant either. I like watching that go through its ups and downs and see if it will succeed or not. For all you people who don't like playing males- YOU'RE IN LUCK! I usually like to play a male character anyhow. But be warned, I tend to play psychotic/insane characters or just plain out mean ones. That is of course unless you want to meet some of my kinder male characters.


    -A Steampunk World on the verge of being conquered by a Dictator, or just a steampunk setting in general at any time period in a made up world or not. I have yet to really roleplay this but I really want to.

    -Medieval fantasy involving a wide variety of creatures, known ones like centaurs and elves and even made up races if you like. Perhaps warring kingdoms could happen here while rebellions and riots rise, while two people from opposing sides come together. Maybe it's a twisted plot, wherein a long dead ancestor's journal has been discovered and a horrible secret is revealed that brings two species together- but is it for war or peace?

    -Sci-fi perhaps where an ancient alien race is on the verge of extinction, or where humans have at last ventured into space to meet alien life forms. Or perhaps the last few humans on earth have made their way unexpectedly to the rulers of the galaxy?

    -Perhaps a dark and twisted fairytale? Such as Alice in Wonderland or Beauty and the Beast? I've done these in the past but I have little idea for a plot for them, but this is another thing I'd love to roleplay. A have a plot for one of these which I will list at the bottom.

    -Perhaps even a typical Vampire roleplay, so many possibilities for this one! Vampires ruling in the future, whilst humans have become slaves or damn near extinct while they feed from a false-blood even though human-blood is like heroin to them. Maybe this is even set far in the medieval times, where a Vampire has become quite the terror and ruling the town and causing mass chaos. Anything can happen!

    THIS IS NOT ALL I DO! Rather this is just what comes to mind! I would like to do many others as well but I just can't THINK of all of them or they would require you to double or triple or even quadruple and I don't know if you'd like that. One such example would be a Dark Circus type of role-play which I would also LOVE to do. PLEASE, SUGGEST YOUR IDEAS TO ME! I want to hear what you'd like to do or your thoughts on the matter, I love finding people I can plot with!

    If you are interested and want to contact me, just send me a PM! :D Where I like to role-play: In the threads, through PM, over email.

    As for that PLOT that I mentioned for a Twisted Fairy tale, it is the Alice in Wonderland plot! Take a look for yourself and see if you like it!

    Twisted Alice in Wonderland: In the World of Wonderland, something dark has plagued them. When Alice decided to stay for good all was jolly, all was simply wonderful as you might expect. Soon Wonderland even accepted her, she became needed within this world for all to survive. You'd be surprised on how Chaos relies on such a little girl. However, one day, something happened. Something nobody expected. Alice died. More precisely, she was murdered.

    It's suggested that one of the Royal Cards may have taken a hand in it, with the Four Ace Kingdoms having thrown over their Queens, the Red Queen, the White Queen, and the mysterious Black Queen. The Three Queens are the only ones who even have so much as a hint as to what really happened to Alice, however they were driven beyond the point of Madness and locked themselves away. But where? No one knows.

    The Mad Hatter is now trying to find a replacement. An Alice Doll if you will. For Alice was but a human, and had a very unique soul. It has scattered into the real world, into boys and girls alike. From any age you could possibly imagine. To bring them into this world he snatches them from their dreams. This is happening all around the human world, and such a phenomenon has been called the Dream Syndrome. People are falling into comas, and wake only for but a brief second before dying. The last thing they hear from these people are, "But I thought it was all a dream!"

    What's happening is that they're brought in Wonderland, all trying to solve the Mystery of Alice's Death and seeing if they can become the next Alice. They all fail, and presumably die. Whatever bit of Alice's Unique Soul they had goes to the next person who has it. The Mad Hatter theorizes that eventually all bits and pieces of her soul will come together to be one person. Perhaps that person arrives sooner than they know it.

    And that is the best way I can possibly explain this plot lol. This is not what I'm most interested in playing out though, like I said, give me your ideas.

    On a side note, I've created a certain character I would like to use if you are interested solely in him and have a way for me to use him. He is a mean lanky man, his appearance is like a meth head: pock marks in his pale skin, dark bags under his eyes, he's just a scrawny little thing. Though very tall. He has long black hair but it's been shaved into the style of a mohawk. His eyes make him look blind but truthfully he isn't. He wonders around without a shirt, showing off the hundreds of tattoos littering his body. All look like ghosts, spirits, demons, angels, every humanoid thing you can imagine.

    Why so many tattoos? Why, they're able to come off of his body and serve him as ghostly warriors or whatever he may desire. They can become clouds of smoke to hide him, they can all come together to serve as a shield, etc. He was originally created for the purpose of being in a Dark Circus.

    Sorry this is all kind of a jumbled mess, but I'm trying to get as much out as I can. Anyway, PM if interested. :D
  2. Hey there! I would be super interested in a one-on-one with you, especially since I see you like some of the same themes as I do :} I do not believe you can PM yet, so I'll just post my ideas here. Thieves beware >:}

    I was actually really interested in a steampunk RP, and had a small plot all thought out; the world is quickly flooding, starting a boat-making frenzy. Everyone from the homeless to aristocrats are in a mad rush to secure a spot on a boat, and a huge network of gangs/pirates are taking advantage of people's panic and using it to control them -and the seas. This is where our characters come in. One of them could be wealthy and desperate, and the other a crew member of a pirate-owned ship who decides to sneak them aboard. Or something of that nature :} I'm not really good at steampunk, however ... All of the crazy weapons and clothes confuse me, so if we pursued that idea you'd have to excuse my ineptitude.

    Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, so anything of that pnature would be cool, too ;}

    And that male character you posted is pretty awesome, leading me to want a dark circus themed RP now X_X I can already imagine several characters to complement him; a magician, a trapeze artist who purposely does horrible falls and then heals herself in front of the audience, and, of course, some sort of fortune teller.

    Hope to RP with you soon!
  3. Why hello there! :D Is there anything specific in mind you'd like to do?
  4. Still searching~