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  1. Wren got out of the shiny car, her best friend drove her to school that morning. The ride to school was a comfortable silence. She got out of the car and shut the door, he began to wind down the window and looked over at her. "Shall I pick you up after school? Make sure not to wander off either" He lectured.

    "Yes please, but wait in the car. Thanks for driving me to school this morning" She said politely and then pulls her brightly coloured backpack onto her back. She leaned in and hugged him gently and then she walked away, waving to him whilst he drove off. She walked through the busy school corridor and a couple of people waved and said hello, she did the same politely.

    She opened the classroom door and sat down, watching students file into the room.
  2. This is completely fucking hell. Thought Ashton as he moved through the halls of his new school, skillfully avoiding everyone. Here he is, his junior year in high school, and he feel like a fucking freshman all over again. This wasn't new. He was always the new kid after all. He moved every few months because his drunkard father couldn't ever hold a job. He would get one and get fired and they would have to start all over again. His mother was didn't have any skills of her own, and couldn't get hired since she dropped out of school when she was a freshman, so no one would hire her. Tucking his dark brown hair behind his ear, he made his way into the office to get his schedule for the school year.

    Glancing at a group of girls who were whispering and looking at him, he snarled a bit and turned away. Great. Another year of this. No matter how many school I go to, there is always the same people there. Ashton walked up to the desk in the school office, looking at the old woman in glasses, who was typing away at her computer.

    "Ms? I um...I'm Ashton Stones....I'm here for my schedule...?" Muttered the teen not even sure if she was listening.

    However she was and handed him his schedule without even lifting her eyes from the screen. Looking over the schedule, he made his way to the door, grimacing a bit.
  3. Wren was talking to a few of her friends when she noticed an unfamiliar boy walk into the classroom, the class went silent and all eyes were on him. He must be the new student. The teacher stood up and gave the boy a smile.

    "As you may have noticed class, we have a new student! Why don't you introduce yourself to the class? Then you can sit next to.. Wren" She says and then pointed over to the red headed girl, who shot up her hand and waved gently at him.
  4. Glancing around the class, he gave an unimpressed looked before stuffing his hands in his pockets. "Name's Ashton Stones....It's nice meeting you all..." Grumbled the brunette. He gave the same speech for every new school he went to. Walking over to the empty desk next to the red head, he slumped down, leaning his chin into his hand. He already hated this school, and there was no point in trying to make friends. He would most likely move in a few months anyway.
  5. Wren smiled at him when he sat down beside her. "Hi, welcome to the school" She says quietly. "I'm Wren" She said and then extended her hand to shake it, he seemed unimpressed by the school, and like he hated it already - so did many of the other students. She wasn't very fond of school either but tried to fix a positive attitude and told herself she just had to get school over with.