One With The Wind

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  1. Malcolm pushed himself against the strong currents of wind, ignoring the rain stinging his eyes to the best of his ability. He tucked in his wings to gain acceleration as he swooped downwards onto his apartment building. He ran quickly inside and shook his wings out.
    God he hated storms.
    Bracing himself, he began to work on concealing his wings. Pushing them flat out, he slowly pulled them back inside his body, grinding his teeth together at the pain. He hated this part the most. He leaned against the railing of the stairs, forcing back his scream of pain.
    There was a loud snap as his wing dislocated itself. He let a grunt and whimper escape, keeping his tears in check.
    As soon as the wings struggled to hide under his skin, he sucked in a large breath, shakily letting it out. He let go of the railing and descended the stairs despite his aching back.
    His trench coat swirled as he turned around the corner onto the 19th floor.
    He unlocked the door to his apartment and sighed, removing his trench coat and carelessly throwing it towards the couch. He approached the mirror and examined the new welts forming over his scars from where his bones extend.
    He was thankful he healed beyond the human capacity, so his skin already created a fresh new layer of skin.

    Name: Malcolm Evans
    Age: 21
    Species: Avian
    Looks: His hair is short at the top but has a ponytail that ends at the bottom if his shoulder blades. His has very pale skin and off yellow eyes. He's about 5'11 and wears a long black trench coat that has slits in the back for his raven-like wings to fold out of. He usually has a bunch of chains attached to his dark jeans.
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  2. Name: Kira
    Age: 20
    Species: Avian/nekomimi
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  3. Kira walked into the apartment building keeping her wings folded into a hoodie in which she also hid her cat ears. She walked over to the elevator and pressed the glowing button that had the number 19 inscribed on it. Shes was going to room 1913 where her room was, she stepped out of the elevator and started to walk leaving wet foot prints following her.
    She unlocked her door and walked in closing it after she had arrived. She gently took off her black jacket showing a dress, ears, tail, and mechanical wings attached to her skin. She then fell onto her couch and turned on the seat changing the channel until she found one that she liked.
  4. Malcolm grumbled to himself as he stared at his reflection. He hated having to fly in stormy weather, but it was the only time he could without being caught by humans. He walked into his bedroom and slipped on a T-shirt, drying his hair with a towel. He heard the apartment next to him be entered or exited and momentarily stared at his door. Shrugging, he took out the band holding his long strands back and continued drying. He never met his neighbours, so he didn't really care since they never bothered him.
  5. Kari looks out the window watching the rain fall down as the clouds became even darker than before. She wonders what and who her neighbor is, Is he like me or just another human..... She wondered if she could maybe get a glimpse of him what did he look like? She imagined a father a mother and a kid. At that point her curiosity Got the best of her and she opened her balcony door the wind pushing against her. she walked out and jumped over to the other balcony using only a fraction of her wings strength. She looked in and she saw a boy with white hair Woah.....
  6. Mamoru stretched, his back still was sore. He decided it would be best to check his back again. He lifted his shirt and looked into the mirror. His back had only a few bumps from his wings in a few places, but he was healed and the scars remained. Sighed he lowered his shirt again and turned towards the window, freezing instantly. There was a girl. A girl saw his back. Shit.
  7. Kari looks astonished frozen in a pose pointing to the mans back and with her mouth gaping opened up. Hes like me? I tap on the window motioning for the man to let me in. My hoodie hides my wings and ears and I hope he opens the door I'm getting pretty soaked.