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  1. So I'm looking for some moderately active (meaning able to post at least twice a week), people who are willing to rp non romantic relationships with me!

    Here are the Definitely Nots (aka topics that I will not participate in)
    Parental Abuse
    Spousal/Significant other abuse

    And here are the plot ideas that I have! If you're interested, I prefer that you post in this thread rather than pm, so we can discuss it a bit and then move on to pms.

    Plot 1: A djinn is captured by a human and forced into servitude. [The characters in this rp must be Middle Eastern] [9th century Caliphate era]

    Plot 2: Someone gets a new neighbor and after a series of misunderstandings they become fierce enemies. [Modern]

    Plot 3: After mocking him, a princess trades bodies with a prisoner.[Medieval Times]

    Plot 4: Two siblings are turned into animals after they discover that their neighbor is a witch who plans to harm the people in their town. [Takes place during the Salem Witch Trials]

    Plot 5: Two children are adopted by a young couple. The rp is about them learning to live with each other and their differences.[Modern]
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  2. Hello!

    I would be interested in either Plot 2 or Plot 5, which one would you prefer to discuss?
  3. @Counting Ewes
    At the moment Plot 2 seems more exciting. :D Now before we switch to pms, what are your no gos?
  4. Mainly rape, torture and toilet play, the rest is a-okay with me when used as a plot element.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.