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Irene felt so fortunate. It was a beautiful vacation day, Sunday. the weather was actually breezy, but not too cold. The sun was warming to everyone outdoors, and such a day made the teenager smile brightly.

why is she so happy? Her family is taking a vacation trip to Sweden.

Irene knew how scary it can be, going from a country you have lived in all your life to a new one, in which you have no idea on. but with research and common language phrases, one tourist could do just fine.

Irene didn't believe that was enough. she had to write down a plan on how the days would work out. She knew that the plans could change, and she had extra paper for just such an event. Her mother, Anna, wanted the girl to put away the 'tactics' and just enjoy the ride. Her father, Bruce, was fast asleep.

however, Irene flatly refused. she just HAD to make sure everything was in order and correct. she even was prepared for the times of the plane, and how long it would be until they could board. To be very blunt, the girl liked to be accurate.

As she sat on the plane, she studied a map of Stockholm. The fellow that was sitting next to her wore a questionable expression. she understood. Why would anyone need a map? you've got a phone, after all. But, what happens if you lose the phone? now who's prepared? Irene raised her eyebrow and gave a cocky smirk.


she and her family finally made it out of the airport. "what shall we do first?" Anna asked, visibly excited to be in a new country. Irene rolled her eyes. "We have forty minutes until we must check into the hotel. We can settle down in a cafe and discuss plans." The parents knew there was no arguing with her, and went in search of a cafe.


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Rose slid her fingers out of her hairbow and finished tying the ponytail that she typically wore at work. The Café Vetekatten smelled of bread and coffee, a delightful and relaxing smell. It attracted a lot of tourists because of it's freshly baked goods, some even consider it the grande dame of Stockholm.

Rose stood for a moment in silence, tying her apron around her neck and waist. Once finished she strode hurriedly into the kitchen, taking a pitcher of coffee and returning to some of the tables around the building. Occasionaly Rosemarie wished she could pour coffee on the people who complained about their orders taking so long.

The café fortunately, since it was morning, did not house as many hungry people as it normally did. The young waitress desperately wished something interesting would happen, although she knew it was unlikely since this was a popular café and not Chicago, Illinois.

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"That one. I want to go to that one." Irene pointed to a small cafe across the street. Her father narrowed his eyes, then frowned. "Hun, that right there is an instant tourist spot. everyone expects foreigners to go there." Her father didn't like being treated like some kind of strange creature. He was also the kind to stay away from tourist traps.

So the man looked around for another cafe. "Hmm...Well, how about that one over there?" He pointed to one that wasn't very far. Irene and her mother has to squint in order to actually see what the man was pointing at. "I suppose it's alright." Her mother nodded. she looked down at Irene, who just shrugged. She wasn't going to disagree over a cafe.

The family took their time walking down, stopping every three minutes just to take pictures. the father felt embarrassed by this, and as two people walked past, he was sure they thought he was another 'weird american'. "Okay, okay. Save the battery and memory for the tour." He said impatiently, walking quickly. both of the ladies sighed and followed.
"Here is Café Vetekatten. Remember what we discussed: try things before you say no, Irene. and don't take pictures of every interior design that you happen to like." And with that, the three walked inside.

Irene was actually surprised at the calm atmosphere. she thought the place would be crowded. Well, maybe in America, where if you aren't stuck in traffic, you're fighting to get your coffee up front. she had to remind herself that she was in a different place.

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